I had a Top Five horrible day yesterday and I’m feeling completely unsettled today.  Like something really bad is about to happen. 
I did go spinning last night…even though yesterday’s events were definitely one damn good effin’ reason to go to bed and feel sorry for myself, I decided to give myself self love in the form of a demanding workout instead.  I keep saying that I give it everything I’ve got every time I go, but last night I attempted to exorcise some demons by sheer force of sweat and ended up completely spent at the end of the class, my hair was soaked and dripping, my dry-tech top was dripping, my socks were soaked, I was wheezing and my legs were jello.   I could. not. have worked any harder.  I came home and made some toast and a cup of tea and proceeded to fall almost unconsciously asleep onto the sofa with my toast still in my hand.  Ray found me there when he got home at 10:30.  Between the emotionalness of the day and the insane workout, I couldn’t have moved if the house was burning down around me.  Ray was kind enough to walk/drag me down the hall to our bed. 
This morning though, I have a monster headache, I slept like crap (not restful, just unconscious) I’m flipping starving and, like I said, I have an uneasy feeling hanging over my head.  I think it’s just the last couple of days coming to roost in my mind so I’m sure it’ll pass.
Tonight my friend is coming over for cake ball making and sushi and wine and I’m very looking forward to it (and trying to blast this headache out of the way in order to ensure maximum enjoyment!).  Tomorrow Ray is only working until 4pm so it will be nice to have him home at a decent time rather than working until 10pm.
I’m making a love list this morning because I’ve missed it in the last couple of days and I need to try to turn my attention to good, not uneasy/bad.
Love List ~ October 27, 2011
This morning I am grateful for:
the ability to exercise so hard I want to puke
my sister
6 dozen little balls of cake, waiting in my fridge
my dog sitting on my feet yesterday while I cried (total girl power!  woof!)
Mystique lipstick

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