A Pumpkin Night

A quick post to show you some very cute pumpkins that were handcrafted by my friend and I.  I would also have had a picture to show you of the sushi that we got however I was too excited and got right into eating it….and then catastrophe struck when my little take out container slid right off my lap and onto the floor.  I suppose fate saved me from stuffing myself full of sushi since eating it off the dog-furred rug is slightly beneath me.  It was especially upsetting since it happened exactly as I was thinking to myself “Gee, I sure am glad I go spinning often so that I can eat all of this and not feel guilty.”  I guess the world decided I shouldn’t actually eat ALL of it and portion controlled my dinner via floor-smash.  Oh well.  The part I got to eat was deeeelicious!

We also had lots of wine and watched a silly girly movie and drank bubble tea…..which…..I am not a fan of.  Really.  No.  Just……no.

I’ve got a love list below….but I also have a love, not so much love item.  Earlier this week Ray and I suffered a bit of a blow to our relationship…..we’ll heal and move on but it’s taking me a little longer to get back to feeling alright.  So yesterday when I talked to him on the phone I asked him to please kiss me when he came to bed last night.  He always says he will and he never does.  He says he figures I’m sleeping, why bother.  I insisted this time, my heart and soul really needed a kiss when he layed down beside me.  I really didn’t believe he would do it, so I was pleasantly surprised and scared shitless when he planted a big wet kiss right on my sound asleep lips at 1am.  He’s actually a little lucky that I didn’t deck him.  So…..yes, I liked getting a kiss when he came to bed and I liked that he followed through with what I asked for…..but I did not like Fright Nights in my bed last night.  LOL!

Anyway, on with the pumpkins.  There’s Meghan pre-poking the balls, there’s a pumpkin closeup, there’s a field of pumpkins with some wine and someone’s hand trying to sneak it and there’s a picture of the faced ones close up.  There is not a picture of the sushi (as noted) or the sheer destruction of my kitchen when we were done last night. 

Here’s something you should not do.  Make Royal Icing and then get distracted and let it harden into your mix master and beaters.  Also?  Don’t cut styrofoam with a bread knife, that shit gets everywhere!  Also, don’t put hot melted chocolate directly into a ziploc sandwich bag, the bag melts and the chocolate goes everywhere!  Just a few tips should you decide to craft your own Pumpkin Head Cake Pops!

Love List ~ October 28, 2011

This morning I am grateful for:

  • wine and a silly girl movie on a weeknight
  • a field of pumpkins in my kitchen in the morning
  • my jug of water
  • a 1 am chat about everything that I can barely remember



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