Catch 22…With Pictures

Good Monday Morning!
I have oodles of pictures for you today, it was one of those weekends that explains itself in pictures quite well.
Friday night we went out for dinner with Ray’s mom…which we do almost every Friday…which means that I had to find something on the ABC menu that doesn’t make me feel like crap every Friday after dinner.  Months ago I discovered the Sirloin Fillet Salad, balsamic dressing on the side.  It’s just mixed greens, some strawberries, some pecans and a small sirloin steak on top.  It’s usually quite delicious!  Anyway, when we were in the car leaving the restaurant I said to Ray; “This spinning thing sure is screwing up my ability to enjoy greasy hamburgers and booze!”.  His answer was; “Isn’t that why you go spinning?  So that you can eat hamburgers and drink wine?”.  Good point…..very good point.  I gave that one a lot of thought this weekend.  I’ve decided that it’s a Catch-22.  You (well….me, maybe also you) exercise so that you can eat the goodies and not have to worry about it too much.  But….the more you exercise and the more value you place on it in your life, the less you really even want to eat the greasy hamburgers.  This doesn’t count for wine, I would drink that daily but I don’t like drinking the night before a morning spinning class, makes it that much harder not to puke while riding.  I’m not sure how other people deal with it but I think, even though I exercise a lot, that I will still save my instances of deliciously terrible food for occassions and locations where it matters.   Eating a gourmet hamburger, not McDonalds.  Having premium ice cream on a hot day, not Dairy Queen once a week.  
Saturday morning I went to spinning….it was the new release (they put out a new ‘routine’ every quarter) and because it’s always a big party when that happens, the class was completely full, all 32 bikes were full and there were two instructors.  It was the hardest workout I’ve ever done, I’m positive that they try to break you during a new release (I’d never been to one before).  One instructor teaches the first half, gives it absolutely everything she has…and then they switch.  So you pretty much get to kill yourself for an hour.  It was great fun!  (sense sarcasm)
That’s about all I wanted to talk about today.  I’m pretty much just going to leave you with a bunch of pictures.  One thing that I did want to ask though…I found a cream cable knit skirt at a store the other day and it looked SUPER cute with black tights and boots.  But what the heck do you wear on top?  I was thinking either black long sleeved button down shirt (a more structured work-wear top) OR a black long sleeved cotton t-shirt and then a coloured down vest layered on top?  Skirt picture is below…any assistance you might like to provide would be much appreciated.
The pictures below include a very boozy lunch at my mom’s house on Saturday, my sister and I lounging on my mom’s bed (drinking wine!), Ray and I basking in the sunshine yesterday, a roast veggie scranble with baked trout mixed in, Ray and our dog, me and our dog, me in my mom’s wedding dress and me in a dress that my mom wore when she was 16…that is in perfect vintage shape!
Love List ~ October 24, 2011
This morning I am grateful for:
pattypan squashes (omg, so delicious!)
wine enjoyed while sitting on the driveway in the fading fall sun
sleeping all night with my man (graveyards is over for now)
family time and belly laughs


2 thoughts on “Catch 22…With Pictures

  1. We just talked about writing a nice comment and then having it EATEN by the COMPUTER and THAT JUST HAPPENED!!!


    I say I like the looks of the lunch date. Did everyone get their own bottle of wine with their meal? I like your style. Can I be invited to the next boozy lunch?

    I did the skirt. I think it would look nice with brown. Brown boots and tights? Red would look good with it too but not boots and tights – that would be obnoxious. A red shirt though? Maybe? Or maybe I’m not the greatest at fashion advice. Heh…

    Great pictures.

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