Week In Review (2)

Happy Friday!
This week feels like it was insanely busy for me but a productive busy, not just a headless-chicken busy.  Which is good…especially if you’re the chicken!  😉
Here’s the week in review
Ray’s mom gave me a GPS because she didn’t ever use it.
I attended Saturday morning, Tuesday morning and Wednesday night spinning
The weather was lovely on the weekend and I got the garden all cleaned up (which is good because now it’s raining!).
Six girls, myself included, congregated at my house for Girl Movie Night….good food, laughs, silly movie.  Fun times.
I was down at my weigh in…only 0.2 pounds, but a loss is a loss
Ray surprised me with Terri Clark tickets for next weekend.  Can’t wait!
A pair of size 9 pants and a size 6 skirt fit me again.  Yay, expanded wardrobe without having to shop!
I had a delicious berry sundae yesterday, before dinner, and I cherished every bite!  Plus, it was only $2.
My waist measurement came in at 31.5″….the smallest measurement I have ever had in that area.
I had a terrible go of my time of the month last weekend, early week.
I missed the Fraser Valley Toy Run because of that.  Last ride of the season and I wasn’t there. 
In attempting to get the last of my false nails off, the acetone spilled and stripped the finish off my dining table
I sunburned my belly and my boobs in the tanning bed.  They should really tell you when they change the bulbs!
My beautiful hibiscus tree (indoor) is infested with white aphids.  Gross.  Insecticidal soap to the rescue.
Happy Weekend, going to get a little exercise, some rest and some family time.  See you Monday!
Love List ~ October 21, 2011
This morning I am grateful for:
the fact that it’s Friday
a cozy new wool button down sweater
my new Contigo no-spill travel mug
a laugh at 6:15am

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