Week In Review (1)

Well Happy Friday!
Since Friday is the start of the weekend I always consider it the end of the week.  For me, the new week starts tomorrow morning.  So having said that, I think that I will start giving myself a little summary of what went right in the week and what went wrong.  That way I can gently shut the door on the week that’s gone and give the coming week it’s best shot.
Ray went back to work
I went to Saturday morning spinning…no small effort to get out of bed that early on a Saturday!
We had an amazing date night dinner on Saturday night.  Highlight date/meal of the last 6-8 months.
Ray’s mom and Auntie came home from Budapest
Rode our motorcycles for an hour on Sunday
Talked to my dad on the phone…which hasn’t happened in almost a year.  Nice chat!
Lovely morning coffee and scone with my mom on Sunday
A friend made me a turkey sandwich for lunch.
Down 1.2 pounds at Wednesday weigh in.  Total lost = 5 pounds, got a star sticker!
Killed Wednesday night spinning, left my fear at the door and got after it, hard!  Felt fantastic!
Girl’s movie night at my house tonight, should be good fun and good food!
Ray’s on graveyards so I haven’t been sleeping well alone
We had turkey dinner at ABC on Sunday and it was dissssgusting.
My waxist changed my appointment and then ditched me on the revised appt.
Had some temporary insanity regarding weigh in day and hunger.
Got walked in on while showering at the gym. 
1.5 hour commute home on Thursday.  Big, bad, snarky jerk attitude when I got home…which I’m ashamed of.
When I write it out like that, it was a busy week!  Nice that the good outweighed the bad though!  Happy Friday, here’s to the next week of greatness!
Love List ~ October 14, 2011
This morning I am grateful for:
my down vest and silky scarf
pumpkin spice tea
girl time
kid’s sized ice cream cone @ DQ
freshly cleaned carpets
a good night’s sleep (thanks Rum!)

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