Bummer Day

Friday night I got to sleep with my man after the last week of tossing and turning alone and I assumed that my sleep would be extra super.  He stayed up until 2am and I went to bed much earlier, he woke me up so that he could snuggle me back to sleep.  And that was the end of my sleep.  Normally I am an excellent sleeper and I have spent the last year going to bed before Ray and then being woken up hours later when he comes to bed and he snuggles me back to sleep.  Last night though it was not meant to be.  I was so hot and insanely thirsty to the point that my snippets of sleep were peppered with dreams of water jugs and ice cubes.  No joke.  By 7am when the alarm went off I really regretted planning to go spinning let alone telling any other living soul about it.  Off I went into the frosty morning to the gym though, after all, plans are plans.

Note…it is even harder to go to the gym early on a Saturday morning when your guy is still snuggled into bed and then the furnace comes on and pumps blissfully warm air onto you at the front door as you are putting on your shoes, knowing that it is frosty outside.

Anyway, off to spinning I went and while I planned to quit eighteen times in the first 12 minutes of the class, things improved and I was satisfied with myself that I went and gave it everything I had during that class.

Unfortunately my best laid plans disintegrated when both steam rooms were occupied, I couldn’t go tanning because the lineup was too long and then I couldn’t go to the produce market up the block after the gym because apparantly I refuse to bring my wallet to the gym with me.  The parts of the morning that I was most looking forward to were crushed.

I’ve also come to the conclusion that I’m not going to be able to attend tomorrow morning’s last motorcycle ride of the year (Fraser Valley Toy Run) due to….well…..lack of washrooms along the way and a certain time of the month.  Really?  Shouldn’t girl bikers get some sort of free pass on this sort of thing?  The extra sucky thing is that Ray is at his buddy’s house watching the game tonight so I’m at home alone, I will be in bed asleep when he gets home, he will go to the toyrun alone early tomorrow morning, I will have to run groceries and errands alone and he’ll be back home and in bed sleeping for graveyards by the time I get back.  Not exactly how I like a weekend to turn out.  Not at all!

On the high notes though, Girl Movie Night was fun last night, my new hat that my sister knit for me is drying on the kitchen table, I just ate the freshest, sweetest fruit I’ve had all year and it’s the middle of frigging October.  That fruit tray below I got from the produce store today for $3.00

I bought a new book today that may change the way that I think about working out, weight lifting and nutrition.  I’ve read it once already but I think it’s going to deserve another read.  Their slogan is “Lift like a man, look like a goddess.”.  I’ll give you the name and a review at a later date…if I decide to go for it, there will be before and after pictures and hopefully more muscle and less fat.

Have a great rest of your weekend!


Love List for October 15, 2011

Today I was grateful for:

  • sweetly spicy body lotion
  • insanely delicious fruit in the heart of fall
  • a long, solid hug
  • a chicken salad sandwich and tea
  • quick acting motrin

1 thought on “Bummer Day

  1. The girls movie night has thus far been the best part of my weekend too. Since then, things have been… meh… Isn’t it disappointing when you look so forward to the weekend and then it sucdoesn’t go so well and you’re back to work on Monday feeling less than fulfilled?


    Hope you can salvage your Sunday and get something out of it.

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