Nice Things

I was going to call this post ‘Good Things’ but that sounds a bit too Martha Stewart-y for me!

In the last month or so I’ve gone through a fairly rough patch, what with dealing with involvement with Ray’s ex wife, knowing I was going to be trapped with the whole ex family for a week, trying to make Ray understand how that makes me feel, what it does to my personality and how his lack of dealing with it is going to destroy our relationship.  Rough time.  I’ve also been dealing with some physical symptoms, my heart problem keeps flaring up and I (stupidly perhaps) refuse to take the medication to calm it down (more on that in another post), my hair was falling out and the number of random bruises that I’ve been getting is absurd.  What I’ve come to realize (self diagnosing myself) is that I’m probably suffering low iron.  Normally when this happens I’m clued in by how insanely exhausted that I am…..and I am….but I chalked it up to the wedding lead up.  Hair falling out, faster heart rate, random bruising and the inability to deal with one’s emotions are all signs of….not advanced….but not minor….iron deficiency.  I do have a product that I LOVE called Floradix which is a plant based liquid iron (tastes a little like highly concentrated orange juice) and it works beautifully.  I tend to take it in spurts though, start to feel better and then forget about it.  Given the extent of the problems this time though, I think I’ll be on it a little more consistently.  It’s $22 at the vitamin store for the small bottle which lasts a little less than a month….but if you’re the only one taking it there is no point in buying the large bottle as it will expire before you can use it all….better price on the large but kind of a waste.  I’m not saying that my issues with our…umm…issues these past couple of months aren’t valid but getting my body back in balance definitely helps me to be less of a crazy lunatic when trying to have a discussion about said issues.

Something else that I have fallen in love with is Goldwell Kerasilk hair treatment.  You do it once/week, I usually do it at the same time as shaving my legs.  You shampoo your hair, towel it dry and then rub this treatment in.  Then you sit for 5-15 minutes (hence the leg shaving) before you rinse it out.  For me it’s like getting supermodel hair.  It’s soft and shiny and somehow about twice as voluminous…..and for a thin-haired gal, that’s important!  When I use it, for 3-4 days afterward I don’t need to use any styling products, just a blow dry and my hair lays straight and smooth and shiny.  LOVE!  It’s a bit pricey at $19.99 for the tube but you only use once a week and not very much so in the long run it’s pretty cheap!

And now, since this post is all about good stuff, the two recipes I made this weekend.  I made a White Bean & Goat Cheese Hummus which comes out to 1 Point+ for 2 tbsp (I’m thinking of using it mixed into canned salmon in place of mayo for a sandwich!).  And I made Chocolate Almond Truffles which come out to 1 Point+ each.  They are a bit messy to make but fully worth it in the eating!  Just make sure you don’t aspirate the loose cocoa powder that they are rolled in when you bite them!  Comment me if you want the recipes.


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