Weigh in yesterday was pretty sucky….but about what I was expecting.  I gained 2.2 pounds over the past week.  I’m not too worried about it, it was that time of the month and I was stressed and I was terribly dehydrated (read: retaining water).  Apparantly though when you weigh in and it’s up the Weight Watchers ladies are on full alert thinking that you’re about to take your own life because the scale went up.  The placating and consoling that went on in the space of a minute and a half was incredible!
I’m working on ensuring balance and portion control this week (and ongoing of course) and getting ready to launch myself back into exercise.  I desperately want to get back into spinning because I love it but for whatever reason I’ve been putting it off and avoiding and that’s not good.  Jogging and cycling and a little weight lifting makes me more the balanced and confident person that I should be and yet I’ve been stalling.  My deadline is the week that Ray goes back to work, the second week in October…but I would rather not dig my heels in until that deadline…I would rather ease back in and be ready to go full steam ahead for the fall.  Ah well, as I have told people and myself repeatedly, make one small change and let that change bring about the next one…a little like a snowball.
One other thing that I’m quite impressed with now that I’ve been doing it awhile is the new PointsPlus system with Weight Watchers.  If you choose the right foods (fruits, veg, lean protein and good fat) you almost get more points than you can eat in a day.  Since fruits and veg don’t count and meat is approx 1-2 points/ounce I made steak salad last night (w/ sirloin kabobs) and had more than I could physically eat.  We had mixed greens and strawberries (free) topped with 6oz of cubed sirloin for 6 points, half an ounce of goat cheese (1.5 points) and some creamy balsamic vinagarette (2 points/tbsp) and I was completely satisfied!  My day ended with a 4 point hot toddy made with honey, lemon, hot water and an ounce of rum.
Tonight I believe that Ray will be going to his daughter’s house for a wedding card opening (I had no idea such things existed) and since that sounds about as boring as watching paint dry, I will be staying home…painting toe nails, silk-treating my hair and reading my book in bed. 
I’m sure that this is not the most interesting post I’ve ever written but it’s rainy outside, I’m a little rainy feeling on the inside and it’s all I can muster up. 
Until next time.
PS….thanks for the compliments regarding yesterday’s post…it’s not why I wrote it but it was still nice to hear.
PPS…I started up a link list by request

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