Superb Sunday!

Hi!  How’s the weekend going?  For the US readers, I believe y’all have the day off tomorrow, don’t you?  😉 Have fun!

This weekend was pretty good, Saturday morning I was up bright and early and off to spinning class.  Wasn’t the greatest ride I’ve ever had but it was a calorie burner so that’s acceptable, they can’t all be wonderful, right?

After my workout I came home and made Sweet Potato Cakes for my lunch and Ray had leftover chicken.  I wasn’t a big fan…they were alright but not something I’m going to race out and make again.  Maybe instead of making them savoury they would be better with cinnamon and nutmeg in them and then topped with honey and strawberries.  OK….maybe I will make them again.  😉

We took a drive out to another municipality after lunch to check out a meat store I’d heard good things about.  Grassfed organic bison and beef as well as other organic meat options. It was…..pricey.  $50 for a pot roast, I don’t think so.  We did end up with some maui ribs, turkey sausages, a pork butt roast, some ground bison and a ginger-garlic cooking paste….all organic and for $29.  Not bad.

Saturday night was a lazy at home night filled with too much wine and…..too much wine.  It’s all good though, you have to have occassional indulgences and let loose or what’s the point in doing all the hard work the rest of the time?!

Sunday morning I got up early again (man, I’m going to be annoyed this week that I didn’t bother sleeping in at all this weekend!) and headed To The Big City (twice in 5 days!) to the Wellness Show.  I went by myself and had a really nice morning!  Ray dropped me off at the train and I listened to music for the 40 minute train ride and then walked 5 blocks to the convention center.  The show is huge and the samples and literature from the vendors was aplenty!  I also bought a couple things that I’ve never seen elsewhere before.  Lots of local vendors using alternatives to grain for bars, cookies, porridge etc.  Lots of coconut based products that I’ve not seen before too.  Definitely glad that I went!

After the show I went for a coffee and then rode the train back where Ray picked me up and took me for lunch.  Off to visit a lottery show home and now we’re at home sitting on the sofa reading and listening to music (and sipping wine).

If you’re not doing grain free/primal/paleo, perhaps you’re sick of hearing about my revelations….but I’ve discovered another bonus side effect from the plan.  The desire to overeat is gone.  I seem to be able to eat what I’ve served myself (always a reasonable portion) and when I’m done, I’m done.  I don’t go back for seconds, I don’t pick while cleaning up, I don’t even really think about food after we’ve eaten.  I’m not sure what causes that, if it’s a steady blood sugar thing or a lack of toxins in my body thing or a “fat and protein are satiating” thing.  Who cares, I’m happy for it regardless of what causes it.  For lunch today we went to Wafflehouse where I ordered the mushroom omelette with no cheese and a caesar salad with no croutons.  It was a goodly amount of food and I was definitely full when we left….but not stuffed and not feeling like my body had to grind to a halt to find the energy to convert lunch into energy.  Really happy with how I’m feeling these days!

So for some photos.  First, a ring I haven’t been able to wear since I was 19.  Now I must explain this…..5 years ago I weighed 12 pounds less than I do now and it still wouldn’t fit….so go and tell me that there’s nothing to this grains = inflammation thing.

Some soap that I bought from the show.  It smells of fresh, sweet lemons and warm summer sunshine.  Cannot wait to go have a bath with this!  ROYAL HERBS (I talked to the proprietor for awhile at the beginning of the show, very nice man and he and his wife make this their full time business, feels great to be able to purchase beautiful local products and know where your purchase price is going!)

Some delicious macaroons that I got, also at the Wellness Show.  They are completely raw, have 7 ingredients, none of which are grains or dates (most grain free/sugar free things are sweetened with dates….which my tummy has problems with).  They were a bit pricey at $4 per box, each box having three macaroons.  But they are insanely delicious and they are a treat.  I’ve already told Ray, “hands off”.  He can eat Oreos if he wants to, these are mine! ORGANIC LIVES

And finally, grain free porridge.  Can you believe it?  It was $8 for the bag and you only use 4 tbsp per serving so not a bad price.  It does have chia seeds which is an item that the jury is out on in the paleo/primal world.  Mark’s Daily Apple figures it’s fine, Paleo (Cordain) says no.  I say I’m eating it as a sprinkle on yogurt or in smoothies or whenever I want something grainy textured.  BORING PORRIDGE

If you have any desire to know more about the ingredients of any of these products, click on their websites and if that doesn’t work just email me (use the CONTACT button at the top of the page) and I can take a picture of the label or send you the ingredient list.

Awesome day, it feels really fantastic to know that there are like minded people out there with quality products in my own locale.

I could tell you about the guy who tried to forcibly file my nails for me and the woman who gave me a ‘stress test’ and then tried to give me hug therapy right there in the middle of the show.  But why go down that road of crazies, for the most part the exhibitors were all very friendly and mostly normal!

Have a nice Sunday evening, Monday’ll be here before you know it!


7 thoughts on “Superb Sunday!

  1. I definitely think a week’s worth of hard work is worth a little indulgence! red wine= more antioxidants! that’s what I tell myself 🙂 love that ring!! p.s. I also love finding new coconut products!! Today I found dried coconut chunks… my new obsession !

  2. I am not sure I am quite ready for grain free…. I am mostly there when I do low carb, but am just not quite to the full blown paleo… but you certainly offer some compelling arguments! Congratulations on the ring fitting again, that’s fantastic!!!

  3. I agree about the grains=inflammation. Since I cut out gluten my clothes are much loser despite not having not lost weight to justify the bagginess. I’ve been posting more and more gluten free recipes on Spatoola.

    • Isn’t it crazy that so many people are starting to realize that what “They” say is really against what our bodies are telling us?

      Just because someone tells you that wheat/grains are natural doesn’t mean you should eat them. After all, poison ivy is natural but that doesn’t mean I want it anywhere near me!

      I made your Whole Foods copy cat salad for lunch this week….very yummy! 🙂

      • Glad to hear you liked it. It’s so flavorful. How did we ever become convinced that we should be eating all that grain? It’s amazing that everyone I know that has cut it out of their diets feels way better afterwards.

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