Holy crap, I’m so freaking tired!  The boundless energy that I’ve been waiting for has definitely been experiencing some ebbs and flows.  I think that I’m currently experiencing a version of low carb flu (I cut way back on my fruit consumption at the start of this week) and I’m so tired!  I think it’s probably made slightly worse because of my sleeping habits this past week, no sleep Monday night, up late Tuesday night, up really late Wednesday night.  I went to bed at 9 and slept pretty good last night but when my alarm went off this morning I could’ve cried!  I’m going to power through though because once I eat something I regain my peppy….beside which, my body feels fantastic!  I became accustomed to various little aches and pains and twinges all the time of which I’m having zero.  My stomach feels great, I no longer have that feeling of carrying a lead brick around in my belly.  On a negative note though, I used to be very….um….regular….and that seems to have changed.  I feel like maybe it’s just that my body is actually using so much more of what I’m putting in that the amount of…um….rejected product is less.  Anyone doing Paleo/Primal/Grain Free, chime in on any of this so I know I’m not alone?
Last night I came home so, so exhausted from the night before plus a whole busy day at work.  I had been under the impression that Ray was going to roast a chicken, steam some veggies and throw together a salad for dinner.  Not only was that not underway, the non-dishwasherable dishes were still sitting where they’d been since Wednesday morning and the laundry was still sitting unfolded in the living room.  Ray was standing outside chatting with his son (who’d parked in my spot in our driveway so I had to park in the street….thanks!) when I got home…….I felt completely disrespected and unappreciated when I came upstairs to find all that had not been done.  Given that my hubby took the entire week off of work I really thought he would pick up the ball for me.  I reminded myself though, that he’s not malicious and that I am way over perceptive and more emotional and that boys don’t think like girls.  What he had done was put my couch pillow and blanket on the sofa with the teddy bear from my childhood, ready for me to hit the sofa and not move for a few hours.  It wasn’t what I would have done but it worked out to the same end result.  I had a sit down for awhile (with a glass of wine) and then we made dinner together. 
Also on a home-life note, it would seem that Ray is starting to make a bit of a shift towards at least starting to change the way that he eats.  I’ve started hearing comments such as “Don’t buy cereal this week, I’ll just have a smoothy for breakfast instead” and “Maybe when I go for lunch with my daughter I’ll order a hamburger but with a salad.”.  He’s not quite there but he’s definitely getting closer and I’m quietly encouraging any sort of change he wants to make.  You can’t force your ideals/practices on anyone else, you just have to set a good example, move ahead with what you believe and let the other person make their own decision.  Obviously to a point….because in our house I cook dinner and that means he eats grain free.  For awhile he was adding a slice of bread or a bun to his meal but that’s completely stopped too, the last loaf of bread molded on the counter before he ate it which is unheard of!  I think his main stumbling block is going to be self control/lack of instant gratification, when he wants chips and salsa or he wants a rye & coke, he’s not going to resist…..but that’s alright because if he’s doing well 80% of the time then that’s a 1000% improvement upon where he was a few months ago.  The biggest incentive for him, I think, is seeing me losing weight and changing body shape with no suffering.  If I can lose a pound a week at my size then he should have no trouble dropping his 30-ish pounds in a decently short period of time.
Tonight Ray is going with his mom for dinner and I’ve opted out.  If it’s not raining when I get home, I’m going to go for a run around the trail before dinner and then make myself a scramble with egg, avacado, a bit of goat cheese and some shredded chicken.  A side of Caulimash and then some sliced strawberries for dessert.  Then, if I’ve run, I may or may not be visiting the gym for Saturday morning spinning tomorrow.  We’ll see, I do love to do that class but if this morning is any example of how exhausted I will be tomorrow morning, I may not make it.  You never know though, the reward of a sweet fruit smoothy for breakfast has been drawing me out of bed all week, might work tomorrow morning too!

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