Yucky….it was the resounding theme yesterday for some reason. 
Yucky # 1 ~ something I ate really bothered my stomach.  Since I don’t eat grains, it had to be gluten or a derivitave that was hidden in something. I have a sneaking suspicion that since I don’t eat many processed foods, it was probably the chia seeds in the grain free porridge that I had been so excited about.  So now I have to wait about 3-4 days for the bloating in my stomach to go down and then once everything is back to normal I’ll try the porridge one more time.  If I have the same reaction then I’ll know.
Yucky #2 ~ I decided I didn’t want to go home and then sit around and wait until 6:45 to do the Express spin class at the gym so I went for a run around the trail instead.  It was drizzling when I left and fully raining when I got halfway done.  Since my Shuffle was dead, I took my iPhone with me.  Not an ideal situation since I have no armband for it and I have to hold it in my hand.  For one thing the headphone cord isn’t long enough, I was worried about sweating into the buttons and the phone in general doesn’t like the rain.  On a positive note though, I was able to use Mapmyrun and got an exact time, speed and distance breakdown along with a cool map of where I’d run.  Thanks Tarable for that app! 
Still along the “yucky” note with my run though, since I don’t eat a tonne of carbs I am aware that I have to carb fuel before any exercise so that I have the energy required to carry it out.  So I went home and had an apple with almond butter and then headed out.  I was on fumes for 3/4 of the run, my stomach felt weird, my legs felt heavy, I had no balance/stability.  Right around the last quarter of the loop I actually felt the energy from the apple kick in, it was like getting a turbo boost!  What I then realized is that the energy/sugar in an apple is heavily tied to the fiber so it takes a lot longer to release into your blood stream.  Good for a snack, not so much for exercise fuel.  Next time I’ll go with the banana.  Interesting though to be able to be ‘clean’ enough to actually feel the release of energy into your body. 
Yucky #3 ~ Dinner last night was baked chicken breast with steamed brocoli.  Unfortunately the seasoning I put on the chicken was Very Yucky!  It was a ginger garlic paste that I got from the organic meat store.  But it was insanely salty and weirdly sour at the same time.  I ended up scraping it off and heaping mango salsa onto the chicken instead.  I couldn’t even think where that sauce would be good, I tossed it right in the trash.  Given that the chicken was yucky and with just brocoli, we were a bit bored by dinner.  Which led to:
NOT Yucky #4 ~ Sitting on the sofa around 7:30 pm (while we were watching the movie Muppets in Space in our pajamas), Ray turned to me and asked me if I could make him brownies.  I asked him if he was fine with trying a recipe for grain free brownies and he completely agreed.  I googled “grain free brownies” and decided to make the first recipe I came upon.  They were quick and easy and took next to no time to make.  They’re a bit….fluffier than a standard chewy brownie but my guess is if I were to reduce the almond flour and add in some coconut flour I would end up with a denser brownie.  Overall though, very nice.  Ray’s comment:  “I would eat these again.” which is high praise coming from the man who has decided he’s scared he’s going to become a “hippy vegan pussy” if he keeps eating grain free.  I told him not to worry, we’re not vegan.  LOL!
So, Monday was a yucky day…….but not a bad day.  Weird, I know!  Today was weigh in day, I’m down another pound for a total of 3lbs over 3 weeks.  Not super speedy but not losing muscle either!  Tonight is a sofa/TV night, we’re having spaghetti for dinner….Ray’s on noodles and my sauce will be over a baked acorn squash.  The meat sauce will be homemade with organic ground bison.  Cross your fingers!

11 thoughts on “Yucky!

  1. LOVE the mapmyrun app! (Missing it very much right now).
    HATE making a dinner that doesn’t turn out – makes me tend to overeat because I feel dissatisfied with my meal.

    LOL at the thought of Ray ever becoming a hippy vegan pussy…

      • Pop the phone in a zipper pocket with the app on to track mileage, use the other for music… nothing says you can’t use both!

      • I actually have a belt bag (a la fitness instructor battery pack belt bag) for the iphone to ride in and then use the shuffle….but the shuffle was dead. And then, like the genius that I am, I didn’t put it on charge so it was dead again (still?) yesterday.

  2. Being inventive and inspired in dining doesn’t always lead to immediate success… I made this tumeric paprika.. “thing” the other day. While making it I was sure it was going to be an indian inspired delight. Instead I was delighted to see my husband FINALLY eat the leftover several days later…

    • Oh, I hate when that happens, you have an idea in your head for how fantastic something is going to be and then it turns out less than spectacular. It’s funny because after the flop, I can always see why it’s bad….but beforehand I just believe what I want to believe, I guess!

      I’ve had more flops than successes these days in trying new recipes….the nice thing is though, the winners are GOOD!

    • LOL, that’s funny that the men equate manliness to wheat-eating. I could understand if I was making us eliminate meat or something but quite the opposite, we eat a larger quantity of meat now than ever before. So strange….I guess anytime that they feel they are outside of the norm, they’ll be seen as wimpy?

  3. Your brownies sound amazing! I am going to have to try out the recipe. Coconut flour will definitely help make it more dense and I’ve learned the hard way about working with coconut flour ratios 🙂 I’ll give that a try. I hope this at least ended the night well!

    • The brownies definitely ended the day on a high note! Just finished them up tonight….they definitely get drier as the days wear on…..and I would recommend using all coconut oil and not half coconut oil, half coconut butter as I did…..nicer coconut flavor but I think the extra oil would have kept them moister.

      • Ok! I’ll have to do that. I have a great recipe for paleo pumpkin muffins that are really good by the way…like…really good! This dessert seems like it would be up there if not top the muffins. Here’s the link for how we did it: http://jenzett.wordpress.com/2011/10/25/pumpkin-muffins/ I added a small amount of real maple syrup to the batter and then threw some toasted pecans on top before baking. Thanks for the brownie recommendation- I’ll be trying them out this week!

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