Magic Potion!

I recently read an awesome article, it was explaining why so many people fail with getting in shape (and I’m sure it’s a similar thing for losing weight).  It was explaining how when people are all insanely excited and gung ho and off the wall with enthusiasm that it’s that exact enthusiasm that can derail you after awhile.  Anyway, click on over and take a look if you like.  Well worth reading.
Yesterday’s spinning class and the day before Combat have kicked my ass…literally….my butt is so sore…but the fact that I can feel it every time I sit down and stand up is awesome, it’s a reminder that I have been doing good things!  There’s spinning tonight also…..I’m going to try to hit the tanning bed tonight before spinning also.  I’ve been lazy about it and I shouldn’t, it really does make my excema so much better…plus I’m paying for it anyway so I might as well use it!
I really don’t have much else to say today (odd, I know!).  I found this saying today and have printed it and put it on my bathroom mirror.  It’s a good reminder for when you’re waiting for that magic potion that makes you want to go out in the dark and cold to work out or makes you love getting out of bed early to exercise, that it’s YOU that creates your own magic potion.  When you’re waiting for eating vegetables and lean protein to be as delightful and easy as eating chocolate and fish sticks, that it’s YOU that decides what is and isn’t alright. 
Love List ~ November 23, 2011
This morning I am grateful for:
almond coconut chocolate chip cookie
green beans w/ lemon pepper
a sore bum

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