Next Time, Eat The Orange!

It is with the shame of a true idiot that I come to you this evening.  After my post this afternoon I realize that you may think that I am a raving lunatic.  Well….you wouldn’t be that far off base.  But, you see, my eat the orange-don’t eat the orange argument was about a bit more than just the orange.  The fact is that I’ve been working pretty hard at WW and my fitness and if that scale had gone up this week…for whatever reason, I would have been very, VERY disappointed.  As it was, I was down 1.2 pounds for a total loss over 5 weeks of 5 pounds.  I’ll take that.

Unfortunately what I did this afternoon by refusing to drink water or tea and eat my snack was to very nearly sabotage myself for my spinning class this evening.  Spinning is G’damn hard enough as it is without being hungry or dehydrated before you even get going.

Partially in order to punish myself for acting stupidly this afternoon…and partially because what’s the point in going out later in the evening and disrupting my night’s sleep with vicious (yes, I said vicious, not vigorous) exercise so close to bedtime, if not to give it all I have, I absolutely killed the workout tonight.  And got an upset stomach halfway through the class and then a massive stomach cramp (presumably from the water) near the end.  I powered through anyway but it served to remind me that while, yes, weighing in on the scale is important, Wednesday night at spinning class is MORE important and it would do me well to do what I can during the day to help myself be in the best possible position to succeed.

Aaaannnddd….that I should be doing whatever I can during the week to also put myself in the best possible position to succeed…and that does not mean denying myself whole, healthy food or fresh water or tea at any time.  Ever.  EVER!

If you’ve ever been on WW and you have played any of the crazy, self defeatist and sometimes downright unhealthy/dangerous WW Scale Games, you know exactly where I was coming from.  And how hard it is to make yourself put yourself first.  Because as someone who always likes to succeed, seeing a rise in weight is detrimental…..but not quite as detrimental as what could/can happen when we start farting around with proper health and nutrition.

Crazy out.


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