*shakes head*

Below is the crazy demonic Weight Watchers conversation that I am having with myself:
Sane Self: I’m hungry, I should eat the orange I packed in my lunch
WW Demon:  NO!  You have to weigh in at 5pm, you eat NOTHING!
Sane Self:  But I’m hungry and that’s not healthy
WW Demon:  Eat the orange then, but if you gained this week, you’re going to feel like a shit
Sane Self:  If I gained this week it is unlikely to be caused from an orange
WW Demon:  Whatever, DON’T DO IT!
And then Sane Self gives up and is sitting here hungry and annoyed.  In order to distract myself from the idiotic conversation in my head, I took a snapshot of my love list post it note that I wrote this morning.  I’ve been busy and didn’t really have time to post but wanted to get my Love List done.
Also, don’t you LOVE the colour of my desk?  Like a bottle of Pepto Bismol got sick and threw up!

2 thoughts on “*shakes head*

  1. The WW crazy gets me every time. No matter how much I tell myself I won’t let the crazy take over, it always does. I don’t know how to prevent it.

    Wishing you a perfect weigh in tonight!

  2. The extra stupid part is that I will go home and eat an oreo or two before I go and weigh in…because they weigh nothing and it’s moments before I hit the scale so they don’t have time to turn themselves into fat.


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