Sooo….alcohol helps!

Here we are, Day Two of this wonderful adventure.  We managed to make our way over on the ferry with no trouble and arrived in the resort with time to set up before Ex and Kyle arrived.  As was my initial fear, that woman hasn’t been out of our sight except to sleep since we all arrived here.  Contrary to my initial fear though, it’s actually been slightly alright.  Ray was quite accomodating to me yesterday and…as the post title above indicates, alcohol helps in the lubricating of uncomfortable situations.  I’m not recommending alcoholism to deal with life’s unpleasantries but in this instance to have to spend unending time with people you’re not totally sold on is quite helpful.

As I mentioned in my last post, Kyle showed up to pack up the tent trailer with absolutely no food.  I thought that maybe on their way in yesterday they would have stopped and picked up groceries but evidentally not.  I refuse to budge on this issue though and since he’s an adult and fully responsible for himself (or at least he should be), he’s on his own!

In other unexpected Kyle-related news, he’s actually been an absolute doll to me!  I cannot believe how pleasant and funny and kind he’s being, offering to carry bags for me, opening car doors for me, telling silly jokes with each other.  He’s totally engaged with this whole trip….I’m curious what will happen when all sorts of other people show up, hopefully he’ll keep his nice-itude!  I won’t hold my breath.

In Weight Watchers news, I weighed in on Tuesday evening and my first week of WW saw me down 3.8 pounds.  Pretty flipping pleased about that!  In wedding related WW news I had to make the decision last night that I will not be counting alcohol while we’re here.  The food I can do and I can stay within my points each day, no problem.  I can and have made good choices when faced with them….but the alcohol I have to let go or I’m going to make myself crazy.  I can be much more ‘dry’ at home when things are all within my control….but a certain amount of hospitality is related to offering and accepting drinks….and while this may sound like an excuse, it’s often easier to just accept.  I’ll be happy next Wednesday evening if I can be down but I’ll settle for a neutral, too.

That’s about it for me, I’m contemplating a bicycle ride…which will help mitigate the booze and give me something to do besides peel potatoes next to Ray’s ex…..OH>>>and Andrea and Jay just showed up so off I go to be social!

More tomorrow….perhaps with pictures!


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