Making Progress

So remember my little rant about the hubby’s terrible sleep habits and his subsequently horrible sleep?  Seems that we are making progress in that regard.  He now wears a pair of orange wrap around glasses from 7:30pm onwards.  He adopted those with naught but a whimper.  I guess when you are severely sleep deprived your “cool factor” defences are down.  The first evening I had him wear them he was yawning up a storm in about an hour.  To be true, the guy never yawns.  Ever.

He also consented to covering up his alarm clock so he doesn’t have the little green light in his face all night long.  There is now a toque over top of the clock (and I covered up mine too). He also started taking Natural Calm last night.  I ordered us each a jar of it (in flavours, not on a Whole30 at the moment) and we started it last night at a quarter dose.  And finally, no rye & Coke for the last three nights!  I don’t think it’ll take long for him to start getting good sleep and then having a drink, getting shitty sleep and putting the two together.  🙂

I don’t want to get too excited about it since it’s only been 3 nights, but he woke up chipper and cheery and chatty this morning and talked my ear off all through breakfast and coffee time.  That NEVER happens.  Never.  So….maybe some progress? I’m going to keep working on little changes to improve his sleeping conditions but we’re on the right track.

In other news, Gracie and I went on a lovely walk yesterday after work. In the dapply sunshine of the trails.  I wasn’t going to let her off the leash because of her little spill the other day but she was just SO excited and SO full of energy that I couldn’t keep her tethered to me.  Off she went and had a blast.  She was a little limpy last night but not too bad.

Ma baybee is going grey!  :(

Ma baybee is going grey! 😦

We had a great dinner last night, rib grilling steaks, asparagus, a small bit of sweet potato and a nice big salad.  I served my salad in a serving bowl because…well….I like a lot of salad when we have it.  I don’t know what “side salad” means, LOL.

Dinner Salad

The steaks that I bought were quite big and I assumed that I would have half for dinner and half for lunch but when I really looked at the size of the finished product vs the size of my palm I ended up with more like a quarter for dinner, a quarter for lunch and there is still half of mine in the fridge….some for a pre workout snack tonight and the rest in a Friday omelette, maybe??  The salad was a mix of greens topped with fresh strawberries, quarter avocado, a sprinkle of sliced almonds and a drizzle of home made whole-grain Dijon balsamic vinaigrette.

FOOD (Tuesday, March 24)
M1: 2 egg omelette stuffed w/ pulled pork & mushrooms, roasted veggies on the side
M2: chicken, coleslaw, green beans, bit of avocado, couple pieces of butternut squash
M3: as above, steak, asparagus, sweet potato & huge salad

Something happened to this morning's omelette but I'm still not sure exactly what went wrong.  It seemed fine and then I went to get dressed and came back and it had committed Hari Kari!

Something happened to this morning’s omelette but I’m still not sure exactly what went wrong. It seemed fine and then I went to get dressed and came back and it had committed Hari Kari!

EXERCISE (Tuesday, March 24)
3.5km (2 mile) trail walk with Gracie


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