Same Old, Same New

Nothing going on here.  I rather like it that way.  I’m going to try my chaps on this weekend and see what progress is being made in my “dial in portions, use the gym” plan.  And, since it’s never just about weight loss, I also feel a bunch better than I did a month ago.  My skin is way cleared up, my clothes are fitting a bit nicer, I have more consistent energy, I’m sleeping great, my mood is more relaxed, I’m more productive at work.

The funny thing is that a lot of people see these changes when they go from a SAD diet to Whole30….but I went from basically a Whole30 + small amounts of added sugar in ketchup to a Whole30-style but with more appropriate portions and more specific exercise.  It is amazing the difference, really.  It’s not astronomic but it’s enough to put my finger on and say “Ya, I feel better!”.

For dinner last night we had Chocolate Chili that I’d made on the weekend and Ray made himself some rice.  As I am prone to do every 6-8 months, I “reintro’d” rice.


My result? Same result I always have; I’m really not sure what the point of the rice is.  It’s basically flavourless and has no nutritional value.  I’d rather have squash under my chili or a baked potato or spinach or just nothing.  The rice didn’t bother my stomach at all but I definitely noticed that I felt really full compared to the volume of food I ate.  So…rice…..not really worth it.

I also bought at the grocery store last night, a gluten free loaf of bread that was made with brown rice flour.  The bread loaf was like a brick but when you cut into it, it was pretty moist and quite delicious.  Lesson learned regarding the bread though, this is a Food Without Brakes for me and incites a snacky/carby riot in my head.  I should have taken a picture of my little bready snack but I didn’t think you all would approve of the inch of almond butter and conventional jam that I layered on top of it.  LOL

The reason I’m starting to test these non gluten grains is because I need to know with absolute certainty what bothers my stomach and how for when we go on our 10 day motorcycle camping trip.  I’ll try to stick to cooking proper meals each evening but for lunches the convenience of being able to use a gluten free wrap to make “sandwiches” on the road is too nice to ignore.

Anyway, the bread didn’t bother my stomach or my digestion.  I will eat two pieces per day for the next 5 days and see how I go, maybe it’ll be an option for the road.  I should probably stop layering on the AB & J though, ya?  😉


Breakfast this morning looks enormous in this picture but it wasn’t really.  It’s a good size but I felt happily content when I was done, not stuffed to the gills.  I got tired of omelettes so I did pork & brocoli omelette filling and roasted veggies but then just threw an egg on top.

FOOD (Wednesday, March 25)
M1: 2 egg omelette stuffed w/ pulled pork & steamed brocoli, roasted veggies
M2: enormous salad topped with palm size of steak
M3: as above, chili w/ avocado & rice
S1: 2 pc GF bread w/ AB & J

EXERCISE (Wednesday, March 25)
none, I chose to do half my weekly grocery shop instead


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