10KM “Race” Weekend Recap

This morning I did the “Up The Creek” 10km run and I’ll get to how I did in a minute.  There’s some backstory.  Of course there’s backstory!

Friday afternoon I went home from work an hour early, I was dizzy and nauseated and so, so tired.  Putting my head down for awhile when I got home helped tremendously!  Ray went for dinner with his mom and then he came home and picked me up for our regular Friday Costco run and then we headed to the Legion for a dart “tournament” with our motorcycle group.  Turned out to be a fun time, lots of people showed up.  Ray and I both suck at darts.  Not as much as we suck at bowling, mind you, but we won’t be having a career in throwing darts anytime soon.  It is fun though, no doubt!  Home and in bed by 9:30 for me afterwards.

Wishing that jersey would have been luckier for the Canucks but Ray got to the semi finals in our darts game!

Saturday I knew I wanted us to get up early and go for a walk.  7am I had gentle fingers dancing all over my face and arms from Ray waking me up.  We made a pot of coffee, filled up our thermal mugs and headed out on a brisk walk.  We ended up doing a very hilly route, a total elevation climb of almost 250 meters.  We didn’t go very far, just shy of 5km, but it took us almost 45 minutes.  One hill was so straight up that we had to stop for a little breather.  After our walk we got ready, headed to our motorcycle monthly meeting and then went to pick up my race packet at Running Room.  I’m not a huge fan of that business, I think that they “sell” a concept but employ very little actual talent.  The packet pick up line was long and disorganized making me one unhappy camper.

After I finally got the “goodie bag” (the only thing in the goodie bag was pamphlets from other races….no samples, no coupons, NOTHING) we headed out to the valley to buy our new utility trailer.  On the way home following lunch I got so so sleepy.  When we got home I crawled into bed and Ray played around with the new trailer outside.  He tried to wake me up around 4pm and apparantly started getting really concerned because he couldn’t wake me up.  I got out of bed and for the next 2 hours he kept a close eye on me, at one point thinking that maybe we would be making a trip to the emergency room.  I couldn’t hold my head up, once I was sitting on the grass I didn’t even have the energy to get myself standing again.  We think that the dizziness and nausea and now that weird episode are probably all related to my heart condition.  We’re not sure exactly what’s happening but I do have an appointment next month and I’ll be sure and bring it up with him.

The reason that I’m not too worked up about it (although it was scarier than hell yesterday!) is because today I’m completely fine.  Ray made dinner last night and by the time it was clean up time I was starting to come around.  We watched a movie and I had a good sleep and this morning I had no ill effects.  I don’t have a lot of faith in my family doctor and all she would do is send me to the emergency room anyway.  If it happens again I don’t think I’ll have much choice but to head over there; Ray was pretty freaked out.

Anyway, this morning I was fine and ready to tackle a 10km run.  As ready as I could be given the fact that I didn’t train or practice for it AT ALL.

Everything all ready to go the night before. Ugliest race shirt ever, and absolutely HUGE! A small and it's a tent.


Ready to go!


So?  I’ve dragged you this far down the page, if you’ve come this far you probaby want to know how I did?

10.25km in 1:13

Not bad for being completely untrained!

I definitely did not run the whole thing, especially getting closer to the end.  The race started almost a half hour late so I was pretty gassed at the end being that far from the last time I ate.  Each time I stopped to walk (because anyone who runs knows it’s mental chatter the. whole. time) I quoted my tattoo to myself and asked myself if, when I went to bed tonight, would I be able to say confidently and truthfully that I’d done the absolute best that I could do.  Hell. Yes.  I pushed myself as hard as I could and it feels good.

Post run at the event I had two gala apples, a bottle of water and a dixie cup full of Starbucks coffee (that was all they had, apples, water and coffee…..totally lame, I thought although that’s all I would have been able to have anyway).  Ray came and picked me up and we went for a coffee and I had a chocolate chip Larabar.

Now it’s afternoon, I’ve cleaned the bathtub and had a bath, thrown gym clothes in the laundry, gone out for lunch (mushroom bacon omelette, thank you!!!!!!!!!!) and Ray is messing around outside with his son and the new trailer.  I am going to go and paint my nails and lay on the sofa.  Ray is in charge of dinner tonight and then later we’ll probably take a long walk while it’s still nice out.

Happy Sunday!


6 thoughts on “10KM “Race” Weekend Recap

  1. Hey, Missy. I’m very glad you did well on your run, but I really think you should see a doc before next month! And a heart doctor at that. If you don’t like your doctor, get another one. Or go to the ER the next time this happens and tell ’em you don’t have a heart doctor and would like them to recommend one. Did you not just see the last two stories about young athletes with no previous problems dying of heart attacks? Please do take this seriously and get seen sooner rather than later. I want to be able to keep reading your posts for a looooong time!

    • Hi!

      Thanks so much for your comment, I definitely appreciate your concern. I CtuLly do have a cArdiologist, that’s who I have theappt for next month….there is no getting in sooner, unfortunately. It’s my regular family dr that I don’t have faith in and that’s who I would have to go and see instead if I don’t want to wait.

      However…..I have had this condition for awhile and I have experienced this sluggish/exhausted thing before a few times. If it happens again I will definitely go to the ER so they can figure out what is causing it as its happening. The heart condition that I have is not going to be fatal and these circumstances, while scary and upsetting, are not going to kill me. 😉

      I definitely appreciated your concern though, very genuine and kind!

      • Of course I care. If more folks cared about each other instead of politics and religin, perhaps there would be a better chance for the human race…And not to berate the point, a hypoactive thyroid can make one sluggish/exhausted. See, this is what happens when one spends 35 years as a medical transcriptionist;)

  2. OK, first things first…. ATTA GIRL! Woo hoo on the run, way to inspire those of us still running 5k’s (next Sunday for me… ) Next, I will trust you and your need to wait a month for the cardiologist. Know, though… that my dad has had a heart transplant and I don’t take heart problems lightly so if I see a few more posts as I have seen of late I might stress the importance of being your own medical advocate. That being said, I trust Ray will take you to the ER in the event another scary episode presents before next month. Finally, At the grocey store today, thinking of ice cream… I thought of what I would have to post and what you would post back if i made such a poor choice. I got frozen blueberries instead. 🙂 Thanks for being a great inspiration to others.

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