Why is it, that the first thought that pops into my head when my alarm goes off at 4:30 for the gym, is “I can’t.”.  Why IS that?  When in fact, I CAN and I did and I had a decent workout.  Why is “can’t” the first response though? 
Last night we had dinner, huge prawns cooked in garlic butter with coleslaw on the side.  We’re prawn-cooking rookies though and we should have shelled the stupid things before we threw them in the pan.  We ended up a bit buttery having to shell them as we ate.  It went fairly well, considering that I do not enjoy shellfish, that fleshy crunch you get from prawns really grosses me out.  However, I’ve been thinking that I need to open up to some stuff I haven’t previously enjoyed because it helps to grow the “acceptable” list.  I managed to eat 7 prawns last night and that’s probably pretty much my limit.  We hopped in the truck after dinner and drove about 30 minutes away to where gas is much cheaper.  Along the way I was having to convince the prawns that they liked being in my stomach and that they should definitely stay there!  Totally a mind over stomach thing because there was no other reason to feel queasy from them.  Once gas was purchased we went to Dairy Queen for small ice cream sundaes.  It’s a favourite treat and believe it or not, DQ is on my “acceptable” list (under the occasssional treat heading).  Strange since some premium ice cream that we have in the freezer at home blows my belly up almost instantly but DQ is totally fine. 

Shoulda peeled the little suckers first!

Since I had a migraine all day yesterday the ice cream wasn’t the best idea though and the rush of sugar caused my already aching head to commence monster-throbbing.  Not sure if it was the migraine or maybe a touch of ear infection but I’ve been feeling a little wobbly these past few days….as though the floor randomly shifts under my feet.  I went to bed right when I got home and slept fine but when I got up this morning for gym, I was a little unsteady again so I think maybe a little water in my ear?
Anyway, the weather looks promising for Sunday morning which means that I will get up early and go and run/walk a 10k.  My jog at the gym this morning went pretty well (albeit only 20 minutes) so I’m hopeful that this little plan of mine isn’t foolhardy.  Again, it’s a flat course, not on pavement and I’ll just be happy to finish it, I’m not expecting to make decent time or to run the whole thing.  (yes, I’m convincing myself that this is a good idea!)  I read a quote on a blog the other day to the effect of “your body will always want to quit, it’s your mind you need to harness in order to make your mind push your body”.  Definitely the wording on the one I saw was nicer but you get the idea.  So I’m doing lots of mental chatter so that when my legs and lungs are burning up, I will be all ready to have strong words with myself to push harder and go further.  If I do end up jogging this race (it’s weather permitting as far as I’m concerned) then I’m not going to be going to the gym on Monday morning.  10km is WAY over my current distance/endurance and once I make it through, going to the gym the next day at 4:30am is a recipe for injury or burnout.  So if I run Sunday, I’m ok with not hitting the gym until Wednesday morning at the earliest.  This will set my lifting schedule back a few days but that’s alright!  Working within my actual reality, a 10k completed is acceptable (or fantastic!) and that means that skipping  a couple weights workouts is also acceptable!
Ray’s out for dinner with his mom tonight (I’ve opted out…again, mediocre food and high sodium is not on the acceptable list) and then we’re going to Costco.  At 7pm we’re meeting a group of friends for a casual darts tournament.  I’ve never played darts before and I have terrible aim to begin with.  Should be interesting!
Saturday we’re going to a meeting in the morning, I’m picking up my race packet afterwards, we’re heading out to the valley to look at utility trailers after that (oh, fun.  Not.) and then groceries.  And Sunday is the run. 
Happy Weekend, All!

3 thoughts on ““Acceptable”

  1. That quote is totally spot on. One quote I’ve seen along the same line goes something like, “where the mind goes, the body follows.” It’s not always easy to keep that mindset, but it sure makes a difference when you do. Best of luck on the 10k! You’ll do great!

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