Nothing Much

Oh, the last few days have been crazy!  It seems like there is a tonne of stuff going on and yet when I look back and try to figure out where the time has gone, there’s really nothing of note.
Sunday after dinner we went for a 5km walk…although halfway through I realized that was a bit optimistic considering that meant I logged 15km that day.  Sort of silly so we just strolled back home.  I skipped gym on Monday in light of the 10k that I ran on Sunday.  That felt nice, knowing I didn’t have to go to the gym for a couple of days.  I even had a glass of red wine on Monday night (I don’t drink the night before if I’m going to the gym) with dinner. 
Ray’s been off work this week on a vacation week which started out very stressfully and rather expensively when he went to get a minor repair done on his Harley and it turned into a transmission rebuild.  Everything is fixed and put back together now and I have insurance on my bike so it’s just a matter of getting a sunny day to go and shake them down!
I was supposed to have gone to the gym this morning as per my regular schedule, unfortunately at midnight I woke up from a very vivid and disturbing nightmare and I couldn’t close my eyes again.  So at 4:30am when my alarm went off I rolled over and tried to squeeze another hour of sleep.  It didn’t work that well and now I’m still really tired AND I have to go to the gym after dinner tonight (NO working out right after work!).  Canucks play at 7:30 tonight so I think I’ll head to the gym at 7.  This is a do or die game for us so the gym should be empty.  I’m more of a “tell me what happened after it’s happened” sort of a fan….and Ray gets VERY worked up about the games which I don’t particularly love sitting through so I’ll go and get my sweat on for an hour or so tonight instead.
That’s about it at the moment.  Nothing exciting for dinner these days, no exciting workouts or results or inspirations.  Just………regular.
OOOHHH!! Wait, the 10km results just hit my inbox.  My chip time was 1:12:17 and I placed 132 out of 175 overall and 45 out of 63 in my age category (30-39).  So…..definitely some room for improvement there!  The fastest woman was 42:42 and the winner was a guy at 37:25.

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