Day One ~ NROL Success!

Where do I start today? 
Yesterday after work, as much as every fibre of my emotional-being wanted to just go home and hibernate, I went to the gym and did the first day of New Rules of Lifting For Women.  I’m so, so glad that I went.  I warmed up with an easy run on the treadmill, just a 4.5 speed and no incline for 15 minutes.  As possibly stupid as it may sound, that 15 minutes was the most relaxed I have felt in about a week.  I completely zoned out and 15 minutes was up before I knew it.  I don’t want this to sound ignorant but it felt like the equivilant to taking a 15 minute nap….sort of…I don’t know.  It felt good though.
After my warm up I tucked into the prescribed exercise:
2 sets of 15 squats either body weight or loaded barbell across your shoulders.  I am fairly strong in my legs so I loaded 22 pounds.
2 sets of 15 pushups….I’m much less strong in my upper body so my pushups were 45 degree…which I was actually a little impressed by, I didn’t think I’d be able to pull that off
2 sets of 15 seated rows….loaded to 22.5 pounds
2 sets of step ups….with a 10lb dumbbell in each hand.  These I did wrong and will rectify next time, youtube is handy that way!
2 sets of prone jackknife….again, easier than I thought, this is the one I was most worried about.  See the photo below if you don’t know what that is.

The workout called for 2 sets of 8....I accidentally did 2 sets of 15. 8 would have been better!

I didn’t push myself probably as hard as I could have.  I’m fine with that though, given the previous days events and the fact that it was brand new, it’s hard to know how much to challenge yourself when you don’t know what’s coming.  My arms and shoulders certainly feel it this morning though.  Tomorrow is the next workout and it’s a bit different prescription and then you alternate back and forth between “A” that I did yesterday and “B” that I’ll do tomorrow.  Three days a week for 6 weeks and then some time off.
When I got home from the gym I walked into a bit of an upset.  Ray took coming home alone a wee bit harder than we both thought and before I even had the front door closed he had his arms around me and crying into my hair.  A little odd for him since he’s not so much the affectionate one but obviously he needed the comfort.  Poor sweetheart.  The rest of the night wasn’t too bad though, it’s when he’s home alone that’ll take some getting used to.
I made Apple Stuffed Bacon Wrapped Chicken for dinner with brussels sprouts and then for a snack last night we ate the rest of the bacon. 
I’ll wrap this post up with a shameful admission.  Eric Church is so sexy it hurts me.  And listening to him sing his new song, “Springsteen” makes me all silly inside.  His sexittude weirdly inspires me to work harder and get fitter.  Ah well, whatever works.  😉

Go listen to his new song, "Springsteen". His heavy twang voice combined with this picture just kills me!


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