Oh, The Agony!

OK, how do you go from 30 days ago, eating grains and cereal and cookies and rice and feeling sorta crappy but not toooo horrible….to eating what is probably a trace amount of “something” that was an unmarked ingredient or an additive in a teeny amount and end up having a 6 month bloat-baby stomach and be in pain during the night to the point you’re wimpering in your sleep?  Last night I ate something that caused a huge upset in my belly.  I had the same breakfast and lunch that I’ve had the rest of the week and for dinner we had baked chicken with roasted veggies, a glass of wine and I had a coconut macaroon for dessert.  I think I’m going to have to start keeping a food journal that includes everything right down to the sauces/dressings that we use because this is crazy!  I haven’t been too worried about dressing/sauce ingredients that contain soy by products or small amounts of corn starch or corn sugar because the amount a person is actually consuming is minute.  I would hate to think that cleaning up my intake has had such a dramatic effect that now I’m having absurd food sensitivities! 
We have a meeting tonight for the motorcycle club that we’re members of.  I’m the “editor” of the “newsletter” for our club.  I’ve recently decided that the “newsletter” is old technology and instead of trying to create enough content every month to squeeze out a newsletter….which then gets emailed to everyone’s inbox and is regularly over 6MB…..I created a blog.  Now…..since you’re all reading my blog you’re all familiar with blogging.  It’s a great medium for instant communication and little fun articles etc.  The people that I have to convince of this are people who do not have smartphones, do not read blogs, still pay their bills by mail or at the teller (yes, “bank teller”, do they still have those?).  You get me?  Should be interesting.
Last night on the way home from work I went and bought my reward for my 30-days.  It’s a wee bit different than I had planned but I think it works perfectly!  The company is called Black Drop Designs and the picture that I took does not do it justice!  I have it on the same chain as another pendant that my sister bought me a few years ago, I think they complement each other very well.  The long silver one says “THE GOOD LIFE IS HOW YOU LIVE IT” and is an Andrea Waines design.  
That’s it for me today, no exercise since Monday and I realized this morning that I haven’t gone Thursday night spinning in a month and a half and I haven’t gone spinning at all in two weeks.  I do believe I will correct that tomorrow at 6:30pm!

2 thoughts on “Oh, The Agony!

  1. Oh, no! I’m sorry you’re feeling bad!! I hope you can figure out what’s causing the pain soon so that you don’t eat it again (well, at least not intentionally I guess).

    LOVE your new pendant!! I think that’s an amazing gift for yourself. You definitely earned it!! I like that quote, too. So true!! Life is what you make it, so make it good! 🙂

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