FriYay #ICan’tRemember

Hey, so FriYAY!!!!!

What the heckity heck has been going on? Almost 10 days has passed with no posting.  Surely that means something exciting/wonderful/engaging has been happening, right? No? Ya, no.  Nope.  Nein.  Nada.

It is frigging COLD here, I’ve pulled my winter scarf out and am bundled up at the office.  Just a week ago I was out riding my bike and sunning myself and drinking gluten free beer in the driveway!

I was all alone this day.  Gorgeous sunshine, 3 hours with just myself and my thoughts.

I was all alone this day. Gorgeous sunshine, 3 hours with just myself and my thoughts.

I have to admit that I am having a really hard time concentrating lately.  My focus at work is non existent, I’m foggy and tired.  So tired!  I sleep like the dead from 9 until 6 but wake up feeling flattened and I don’t know why.  I’m not coming down with anything, I have no allergies this year and I’m eating really well, Whole30 with the exception of the one GF beer I had last weekend.  I just want to sit and stare.  For hours.  Hopefully this passes soon!

Someone that Ray went to school with passed away last week so we’re going to the Celebration of Life on Saturday.  I really have no interest in going and it’s over an hour away but he wants me to go so I chalk it up to one of those things that you do because you love your partner. I wanted to spend all day on Saturday cleaning the house and cooking, obviously that’s not going to happen now.

Speaking of cooking, I haven’t posted a meal plan lately, let me do that!

Saturday – fish tacos w/ avocado cream sauce & pico
Sunday – pecan crusted pork loin, green goddess cauli rice, sauteed rabe
Monday – roast chicken, carrots, asparagus & velvety butternut
Tuesday – turkey burgers, garlic baby potatoes & brussel sprouts
Wednesday – meatballs in sunshine sauce w/ sauteed mushrooms & green beans
Thursday – fried ham (not W30 compliant) & sauteed shredded turnip & spinach
Friday – Chef’s Night Off
Breakfast All Week – egg bake made with taco meat, leeks, spinach, tomato, olives

make egg bake – 20 min + baking time
make meatballs – 20 min + baking time
SEP tortillas – 35 minutes
velvety butternut squash – 30 min + baking times
rice cauli/crush pecans – 15 minutes

That’s it for me today, I have to turn the internet off and go clean up my desk & email so that I can enjoy my weekend.  Send me good focussing thoughts, this is going to suck!


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