Bylaw schmylaw.

A gorgeous day yesterday, utterly beautiful.  Took Gracie to the park for a 5km walk.  On the way there we got stopped by a bylaw enforcement officer who informed me that I had to keep my dog on leash at all times.  Totally did not know that. I thought those sorts of rules only applied in parks etc where it specifically says off leash is or is not permitted.  Turns out that it’s on leash all the time on all of our roads. Woops.

Anyway, as is prone to happen to me it seems, I got into a little confrontation with the woman when she started talking about how I was trying to get my dog hit by a car and that I was an irresponsible pet owner and how she should fine me $150 for my leash violation.  I told her if she felt that she needed to fine me because I was clearly breaking a bylaw then to please do so, otherwise she could stop talking to me about her opinion of my dog ownership. She told me she wasn’t going to fine me so I started walking away. Then, from her vehicle, she started yelling at me to give her my address.  Why, so you can come to our cul de sac, call my dog out onto the street from our lawn and then take her? Forget it.

I love the stuffing out of Gracie, I would never put her in danger and we’re among the most responsible pet owners that I know.  Gracie doesn’t run around like a fool on the roads and we don’t walk her off leash on main roads.  We walk her off leash on quiet residential side roads so that she can stop and sniff and then run to catch up.  She is also extremely well behaved and we’ve taught her to get up on the lawns when a car comes and when we say “Stay”, she doesn’t move a muscle until she gets released.

Anyway.  The whole little encounter really threw me and took the shine off of the first half of our walk.  I felt sick to my stomach and totally unsettled.

Nothing else going on, the weekend is going to be GORGEOUS and my decision has been made as to how to spend my day of aloneness.  Long dog walk in the park in the morning, Harley ride alone for a couple of hours (includes a coffee stop) around mid day and then home for food prep.  Sunday Ray has a long ride planned for the day so I need to have all my chores and cooking all ship-shape on Saturday!


2 thoughts on “Bylaw schmylaw.

  1. That’s less about a bylaw and more about someone on a power trip. Love your response to her – fine if if I’ve broken the law but keep your assumptions and opinions to yourself. What a hag!

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