Whole30 Week Two Recap

Overall feeling: now that the last two weeks are over I can say I’m feeling pretty good.  Days 1-12 were, on average, awful. Headaches, crazy emotions, bad cramps, disastrous digestive issues.  Over the second weekend though, it all started to feel better.  Jeans are a bit looser, mind is a bit clearer, headache is gone, digestion is even-keel.

Hardest aspect: I can’t say that it’s been particularly hard as far as the food goes. As long as I stick to template-based meals, my body and mind are both satisfied. I assumed that I would have wacky, crazy cravings and have to use all sorts of techniques to make it through unscathed…but the only technique I’ve needed is to just trust the process and follow the plan.

Easiest aspect: I think being well prepared going into this week helped immensely. Although I always pre-cook, changing my M.O. to having ALL protein either formed (patties) or already cooked is an absolute requirement. Then, on days like Tuesday when I went home mid day with a migraine and overflowing emotions, I could thank the heavens that I had a meatloaf already baked and all I had to do was slice it, fry it and roast some already chopped up potatoes. That prep saved my bacon because I was in no state to put much effort into dinner.

Suckiest thing this week: a double batch of failed mayo. I nearly lost sleep over it, for crying out loud! I’ve been making mayo once a week for over a year….and this was my first fail….and it bugged the shit out of me! I tried all the “save the mayo” techniques I know about and it still didn’t recover…in fact it seperated into a grainy, oily mess that eventually found its way to the toilet. Enormous waste of resources….but lesson learned, make one batch at a time.

Greatest cause for panic: having realized that I now am fully booked every weekend between now and the end of October. Say wha?! OK…so that is not Whole30 related….but it sort of is. Weekends are my prep time and “fully booked” scares the pants off of me. Here’s praying for that unending energy to hurry up and get here because I’m going to need to be doing more on the weeknights besides just petting the dog and sipping bone broth. (extra: part of my fully bookedness involves me being out of town at a work site for 10 days…while staying completely compliant….so there’s that. And when I say “out of town” I mean “teensy hick town that wouldn’t know a Whole30 option if it did a cartwheel down the middle of the frozen tundra of a road”. Right. Great.)

Cravings: lemon meringue pie, cherry filled powder donut, gingerbread muffins (more specifically, when I was kissing Gracie one morning her head SMELLED like a gingerbread muffin!). These things I’m craving? I have not eaten or wanted in years. YEARS. Like seriously, lemon meringue pie?? A powder donut? REALLY? No cravings for things that I previously was loving and eating a lot of: chocolate, red wine, potato chips, gluten free cookies. Do I take this to mean that the things I thought I loved aren’t really where it’s at? That I stay Whole30-100 and then have conventional PIE from time to time? That goes against the entire way I was living before. Very interesting, I say. I’ve also found out where it is that I miss the treats and that is on coffee rides. A sunny fall ride to a cute coffee shop, sitting on their patio with a delicious coffee and……nothing. THAT is where I want my treat….it’s where I seem to actually be missing it.

Skin, Hair, Nails: all really good. Couple teeeeensy itchy spots on hands. Hair is growing (no thanks to crappy too-short hair cut), nails are gangbusters.

Energy: level/even. Sort of……like it’s just on the brink of coming…flooding in. FLOOD, damnit, FLOOD!

Mood: underneath my less than awesome mood I felt fine. Does that make sense? Not edgy or moody or cranky. Underneath the shit that was going on, I felt like I was feeling fine….while feeling like a bag of crap.

Green Time: also not as awesome as I would have liked. I missed two days, Monday of the Migraine and Thursday of The Took Dinner Down and Visited New Baby. Total of 226 minutes of outdoor time this week.

Sleep/Sleep Habits: not as awesome as I would have liked but improved a lot by the back part of the week. Solid between wakeups…but my period and emotions knocked me down and I napped once and could have slept for many extra hours each morning.

Digestion/Headaches: Digestion was perfect, actually. Clockwork, no gurgles, no bloating, no pain, no “slowness”. No near-pants-shitting disasters. All good. Headache was effing brutal. BRUTAL.

Other Thoughts: Going into Week Three I’m going to focus on portion sizes. In the first week I was gearing up for my period and in the second week I was suffering in that respect a bit. And in both weeks I didn’t really worry about portion sizes at all so as not to create any sort of anxiety or mental distress about restriction. OK, that probably sounds stupid…but I purposely did not want to feel any sort of additional discomfort over and above what I suspected I would feel from the “detox effect” anyway. Late in Week Two I stopped bringing what I called my “panic apple” to work for lunch with me…I was eating it because I could but I felt like it was not something I really needed. Going without that little bit didn’t cause any ill effect at all….so it got me to thinking that, now that the worst is over, I need to dial in what my body actually needs from meal to meal…..and I nearly guarantee that it’s not as much mayo as I’ve been eating! 😉


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