A post full of updates…and lots of pictures.

Half a Pear = A Whole Lotta Nuts!

Update #1 – On Sunday, September 14th we welcomed the newest member of our family.  Remy Laurent – 7lb 10oz.

Remy Laurent

Very proud Pepere! Very proud Pepere!

Update #2 – the gym is FINALLY finished!  Can you frigging believe it?

Remember what that room looked like originally?  YIKES!

Gym Before 1Gym Before 2Gym Before 3

And now we have it done.  A fully outfitted, bright and properly laid out space! SO excited about it! The white wall on the left in the first picture below is going to be the mirrored wall….next month when I get back…..more on “back from where?” below.


Update #3 – I’m in the midst of 100 days of Whole30 eating.  That means no grains, legumes, chemicals, sugar, dairy or alcohol.  I’m on Day 13 right now and the Introductory Detox To Remind You How Horrible You Were Feeling Before is nearly over!


Update #4 – In mid October I’ll be going out of town for 10…

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