August Long Weekend

We enjoyed the hell out of our long weekend away! The weather was fantastic, the wine was delicious (especially so since I have not had any alcohol in months…just haven’t wanted it so it was a lovely treat) and we enjoyed each other’s company immensely. It was a really nice recharge weekend for us and our togetherness. 😉

My riding was excellent and not anxiety-laden at all…which has a bit to do with carbs. I have found that if I am eating more high carb foods, I am more settled and confident in my riding. So…gluten free almond cookies, apples, potato salad, peaches etc. I took one for “the team” and ate more carbs than I’m used to and I felt pretty decent the entire time. Back home now I’m going to hit the veggies hard and try to shake off some of my new love of gluten free cookies.

Enjoy the post!

Half a Pear = A Whole Lotta Nuts!

For the last 6 years, when the August long weekend rolls around, we pack up and hit the road.  This year with new jobs and no vacation time to speak of, we decided that we would not miss out on our weekend away so in January Ray booked us a room at a little motel that we love in a town about 8 hours riding away.  The weather was gorgeous when we headed out and even though our CB mysteriously stopped working 10 minutes into the trip, we had an awesome ride and seemed to be about 10 minutes behind a rain cloud so the roads were a bit wet but it cooled the air down quite a bit so that was nice.  30km (18 miles) from our destination our luck ran out and we got hailed on.  Well….I got hailed on….Ray was 100 feet ahead of me and he…

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1 thought on “August Long Weekend

  1. Sounds like a fantastic weekend! How nice for you guys to have a fun little getaway.

    And as for the carb thing… totally on the same page as you! Have increased a few carbs lately and actually have a bit more energy and a bit less “bluesy”. Funny that you’re experiencing a similar thing at a similar time. 🙂

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