2013 Recap In Pictures

A recap of 2013’s highlights…in pictures!

Half a Pear = A Whole Lotta Nuts!

This year was hard.  One of the hardest.  But it wasn’t all bad and in order to remember the good parts, I scrolled through my iPhone for pictures!


1. Jan

We got Snoopy and he was definitely a highlight, he was a really cool puppy and would have been soul mates with us and Gracie.  Unfortunately he passed away shortly after we got him…but he’s still going up as a positive because he got to live out his short life with us, having fun, snuggling and playing.  All good.  RIP Snoopy!


3. Mar

I was still in fairly good shape at this point and hitting the gym regularly.  I put this up as a positive because it wasn’t so long ago that I had my life under control….and it won’t be so long until I get it back there again!


4 Apr

I achieved a life dream and acquired my certification as a…

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