After three cold, dark and scary nights out in the world alone, Jenna was found last night!  I cried when I heard the news.

I realize that she’s a dog and a stranger’s dog at that.  But I just kept thinking that if my girl was lost out in the world, I would appreciate every single person’s effort to get her home.  We love the little buggers So Much that knowing they are cold or tired or hungry or scared just rips the heart apart!

Anyway, Grace and I went out right after work to look for Jenna and spent about three hours combing the neighborhood.  Unfortunately it’s a very affluent neighborhood so you can’t really just wander in and out of people’s back yards to check under their decks for the dog.  The yards are enourmous and filled with shrubs and hedges and masses of greenery.  Perfect for a scared dog to hide.

We called it quits around 8 and about 20 minutes after we left, someone in the neighborhood found Jenna in their backyard and called our volunteer.  Unfortunately right then Jenna bolted and ran into the woods.  The two volunteers chased her into the woods for quite a ways and eventually Jenna looked back, saw them and just stopped and layed down so that they could get her.

The reunion with her mom makes me teary eyed to watch. Unfortunately the video is posted in a closed group so I can’t fetch it out to share it here. 

Jenna, just after she’d been found.  Being driven home to her mom!

Jenna, just after she’d been found. Being driven home to her mom!


And of course, because nothing ever seems to go smoothly or happen one thing at a time, yesterday Ray called me from the side of the road in the middle of nowhere (from a pay phone…did you know they still had those?!) and told me that the motorhome died and he would have to get it towed back.  Because it’s a motorhome he had to get the semi tow truck as well as a second tow truck as he was pulling our boat with the motorhome.  $750 to tow the motorhome, another $200 to tow the boat, an impound charge for the boat and trailer while they wait for the motorhome to be repaired plus the cost of whatever the repair turns out to be.   Initially he told me that I was going to have to drive 3 hours up to get them and bring them home but very fortunately they changed their minds and decided to wait there with the vehicle while it’s being repaired.  Driving three hours in the dark and then cramming 780 pounds of man (and 80 pounds of Grace since I wasn’t about to leave her home alone) into my little Jetta and driving another three hours back was not my idea of an awesome time!

With a labour dispute looming, we really cannot afford this and so they may be coming home this morning once the motorhome is up and running again.  I’m in a holding pattern to find out…..could be that the repair takes longer or is more involved and then I will have to go and get them.  Hope Not!

Wishing that today is smoother and more stress-free than yesterday!


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