I’ve had a lump in my throat since yesterday morning.  Through the organization that helped us get our dog, I found out about a local lady whose boxer-girl got sprayed by a skunk, spooked and she ran away.  She’s been out on her own 3 nights so far.  She was spotted 4 times yesterday and has had people searching for her as much as possible.  Boxers aren’t made to be out in the world alone, they’re designed to hold down your sofa, drool on your pillow and be touching or laying on their favorite human as much as possible.  

When I get home from work tonight I’m going to feed Grace, pack up some food, treats, spare leash and collar and drive out there to help continue the search for someone else’s fur-baby.  I could not imagine if my Gracie was lost in the world, I would want as many people as possible out helping to look for her.  So the fact that the weather is crap and that this community is 45 minutes away and unfamiliar to me….well, it just doesn’t matter, we’re going.

Any local readers, I’ve included Jenna’s picture and contact number below, please forward, tweet, FB and message.   She’s last been spotted in the area of 22nd & Marine Drive in West Van. She seems to have been spotted mostly in the same area.

604 816 2979

604 816 2979



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