Full Throttle, Wide Open

Ah, Friday, and a sunny one, no less! It is cold outside for we west-coasters. We’re used to living in a humid rainforest so when the temperature dips below 0 (32F), we all cry and shiver. The benefit of cold though? SUNSHINE! And thank heavens for it! I’m looking at crisp and rugged mountains covered in sparkly white snow outside of my office window. Don’t get me wrong though, those mountains are a long, LONG way off….but when I get to see something other than the backside of a trucking/warehouse outfit and a disgusting smoke-shack filled with dirty, stinky plant workers? Well, the mountains are a nice change!

Tomorrow morning is my jogging day and since I’ve already worked very hard at my workouts this week, I’m thinking it may be a bit of a struggle. In order to make it exciting, I had to set myself a goal to work towards. Last week I ran 4.86km at 0.5% incline in 30 minutes. This week the goal is EITHER another 30 minutes, same distance but incline 1.0% OR same incline, 5.5km in the same time. So either faster or harder incline. And since I am pressed for time tomorrow morning, when the 30 minutes is up, the treadmill stops and I have to get going. I think I’ll probably go for increasing the incline, seems easier to regulate than trying to just go “faster”. Plus, eventually I need to consistently achieve a 1.5%-2.0% incline to mimick running outside.

So, if you don’t actually care about my running speed or time, I’ll move onto something else. The most motivational lyrics I’ve come across in a long, long time. It’s the song The Only Way I Know by Jason Aldean. The lyrics in the chorus get me so jacked up and motivated and ready to crush a workout, I love it! I’ll be listening to it on the way to the gym tomorrow morning, for sure!

Don’t stop till everything’s gone
Straight ahead never turn round
Don’t back up, don’t back down
Full throttle, wide open
You get tired, you don’t show it
Dig a little deeper when you think you can’t dig no more

Tonight after work Ray is going to dinner with his mom (no thanks) and I’m going to go home and take Grace for a short training run (she’s practicing!) and then going to nest onto the couch and watch a PVR’d Grey’s Anatomy while eating Caesar salad & roasted chicken. (It always feels so good when I know I earned my couch-time!) Tomorrow morning we’re going to a pancake breakfast meeting (no food for me, as per normal) after my gym and then we’ll be working hard for the rest of the weekend on prepping the house and yard for Snoopy’s arrival.

I wish you a very happy weekend! If you don’t already, feel free to follow me on Twitter!


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