Don’t Panic!

Oh, blissful sunshine!!!!!  Seriously, feels like a balm to my soul to feel the warmth of sunshine….even if not the physical warmth!
At 2:30 yesterday I got a call from Ray that he was asked to work 4 hours of overtime and so I was on my own yesterday evening.  I took the opportunity to:
A) panic that I might feel inclined to eat all the Lindt bunnies I bought at Costco on Friday since I was home alone unexpectedly
B) panic that I was going to be first home and be forced to clean up whatever biohazard the dog created during the day
As it was, I ate ONE bunny (acceptable!) and fortunately our dog didn’t mess in the house.  Panic for naught.
I made my lunch and put dinner together and then sat on the sofa and started getting my workout logs in order for The New Plan.  It’s very unfortunate that I made the decision to start this when I did because this week is just not going to work for me.  The recommendations are fairly specific in timing to make sure you work in the right number of rest days/hours.  So, instead of jumping in with both feet and starting wildly and randomly, I’m going to start next Monday.  And no, this is not the typical “start Monday” that most people use when they really have no intention of actually starting anything.  My workout days will be Monday, Wednesday and then Friday AM before work.  Monday came and went yesterday, this Wednesday we have a huge family birthday dinner to attend and I would prefer not to have my first day of a completely new workout on Friday before work since I have no clue how long it will take and would prefer to not be either late for work or stupidly early.  And so, next Monday it is! 
On that note, since no exercise at all isn’t really an option, tonight after work I’ll hit the trail for a jog.  Since I have a 10k in April to train for and jogging is something I’ll keep doing anyway, there’s no sense in just sitting around for a full week waiting, right?
In other news, Ray took my “before” pictures last night.  And?  They weren’t as bad as I thought they were going to be.  You know how we’re all either extra critical of ourselves or conversely we have our heads stuck in the sand and refuse to pay attention to signals and signs that things aren’t good?  My photos definitely leave room for improvement, but they were nowhere near as upsetting as I thought that they would be.  Tonight I’m going to do my measurements and then I’ll be ready to go.
I’m really nervous about starting this.  This morning while getting ready there was a nasty little voice in my head that kept saying “This isn’t going to be for me.”, which is bothersome.  I know that I’m going to struggle with it at first, being that it’s brand new and not similar to anything I’ve done before…even though I’ve done a weight routine in the past.  But I will just keep remembering, you can only go up from here.  So for the next week while I’m panicking about looking like a fool or failing… might suck at first but no one is perfect off the hop.  And 6 weeks and 3 months and finally 6 months from now when I’m totally done the program, I’ll have something to be proud of!

5 thoughts on “Don’t Panic!

  1. Its the reason why I never picked up a weight routine when I was injurred. I guess the fear of the unknown, and the fear of looking dumb. I hate doing things the first time I do them, but almost always feel better for having tackled whatever it is and getting on with it.

    You will be great.

  2. there is a big difference between weight training and cardio training, if you want to get strong do weight training and you will get strong, you will also get bigger.
    this means that if yo have fat on your body you will still have fat on your body after you done.
    to remove fat do cardio, do the insanity by
    if your goal is to be fit and lose weight, weight training is just the wrong thing to do.

    now with weight training there is this 11 day thing, if you find an excuse not to train you will be done before the 11 days are up.
    weight training is not easy and at the beginning things hurt, parts of the body you didn’t know you have will hurt.
    but be strong and it gets more fun. if you weight train there will be no end date, it becomes like a drug, if you don’t go to the gym after 5 days you start getting upset with the entire human race, you family will end up sending you to the gym because you become weird.

    and some free advice here, do only 1 muscle group a day, that gives the muscle 7 days to recover before you train it again
    for calf muscles just put a weight on your shoulders and do tippy toes.

    • LOL, thanks for the comment. I don’t think that weight training is the wrong thing to do to get fit and lose weight. As you may have heard, building muscle speeds metabolism which in turn helps to decrease body fat.

      It is also a myth that a woman will get “bigger” by training with weights; more toned and firmer but not noticeably bigger.

      I do appreciate that you took the time to comment but I think your misunderstanding what the post was about. The exercises are all full body moves so there is no need to isolate any muscle group nor yet allow a rather lengthy 7 days to recover.

      Anyway, thanks. 🙂

  3. ok that was totally my bad, i may have read it and translated it to what i do and see on a daily basis

    you keeping up the good work and have fun

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