Four Years Today

Happy Valentine’s Day to you!  And Happy Four Years Ago Today That I Quit Smoking Day to me!  🙂
It was so beautiful and sunshiny outside yesterday after work that I just couldn’t see wasting it and waiting until 7pm to go to the gym.  So I put on my cool weather running gear complete with extra sexy headband to keep my ears warm and hit the trail.  It was the best run I’ve had since I started back to running three weeks ago.  Still not my ‘glory days’ speed or endurance but good enough.  I did realize as I was motoring around the trail was that I have never changed my running form from my 230+ pound days.  When I originally started running it would have been more of a quick shuffle.  Eventually I could have probably been considered a jogger but actual running….not so much.  So in the flats and downhill parts of my 5k yesterday, I practiced lengthening out my stride to my full leg extension.  And it was FUN!  I’m almost 6 feet tall so I have a goodly leg spread, I can cover a lot of distance with each step….only I wasn’t doing it before.  I still struggled going up the hills and my endurance isn’t where it should be, but I felt more like I was running the way my body wanted to rather than forcing myself to stay in my old mold.  It seemed easier on my breathing and on my legs.  Providing that it’s not pouring rain when I get home today I’m going for another round….and if it is pouring rain then it’s a rest day because I’m not going to go and spend 2 hours getting to, working out and showering at the gym on V-day.
When I got home from my run last night I had a pork tenderloin on the counter that needed seasoning.  Having not picked out a recipe in advance and being desperate to get out of my sweaty clothes, I came up with Mystery Seasoning.  I had Ray blindly pick out 5 spice jars and that is what we were going to season the meat with.  We ended up with ginger, paprika, garlic powder, caesar rimmer and thyme.  He also picked out cake sprinkles but I opted not to put those on!  I sprinkled an equal amount of all the seasonings over the meat, rubbed it in a little, ground some pepper over it and baked it for 25 minutes.  It was……surprisingly not bad.  It was a bit messy tasting in that the flavours didn’t really meld…but it was flavourful and fully edible. 
Tonight is Valentine’s Day, I bought Ray an enormous bag of Lindt chocolates and a cute card.  I’m hoping he got me what I asked him for which was a little glass terarrium full of teeny little plants.  We’ll see…..his track record hasn’t been great in this regard.  We’re having steak and cauliflower mash for dinner and then after dinner I think we might head out to get a wee ice cream treat.   I also have to pack lunches for tomorrow and Thursday since tomorrow night I won’t be going home after work, we’re going into the city for a concert and won’t get home until late-late.   
My weigh day this morning was still holding on to a bit of its bacon grudge….down 0.4 pounds only.  It’s fine, that’s 2 pounds in 2 weeks which is more than enough for the size that I am.  The combo of the bacon and the Alien Baby caused the number and I have no choice but to be fine with it.  No bacon and no Alien this week so it’ll be a better representation of how this eatstyle is going.

7 thoughts on “Four Years Today

    • That day that I decided to quit smoking really was the last little hold that my past life had on me. The weight was coming off and I was learning to exercise and learning to behave in an appropriate manner as far as food and instant gratification…..but if I’d never quit smoking I would have never progressed any further…I would have been stuck there and I would guess probably just made the slide backwards and lost everything I’d gained (or…gained everything I’d lost?).

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