July 28, 2014: Wake The *&##@ Up!

We had a beautiful weekend here, unfortunately I was feeling kind of crappy all weekend.  When I was laying on the bench outside yesterday afternoon and Ray’s son came over and asked why I wasn’t feeling good, I said “sometimes women feel like shit once a month, it’s best to just leave us alone” and he didn’t get it, LOL!  He’s single.

Friday night I jarred all the bone broth (15L, thanks very much!), went to Costco, Liquor Store, Grocery Store and then came home and made potato salad and packed up picnic ingredients for Saturday morning.  I wasn’t feeling too awful on Saturday morning so I got up at 5:30am and took Gracie for a 4.4km walk (2.75 miles) and then went home, finished putting together the picnic, showered and we headed out on a day ride.  My first ride out of the area with Jezebel (who is now actually nameless since Ray buffed her name off the fender last night).  We were both really, REALLY looking forward to it, the weather was gorgeous and we were more than ready to get our cruise on.  We got about 90 minutes from home and stopped for gas and we should have just called it a day and gone home.  I’d gotten hit with a wicked headache and cramps and instead of listening to my inner self beg to go home and go to bed, I sucked it up, took an Advil and we pushed on….for another 3 hours.  When we were at our turnaround spot for lunch I realized what  huge mistake I’d made.  Now I was easily 5 hours from home in the heat with a borderline migraine and killer cramps…and no way to get back home but to ride.  Not cool.  Along our route there are 7 tunnels and every time we went into one, going from light to dark and back to light was like a hot poker in my brain.  Nice, right?

With around 2 hours left to go before we got home, all of a sudden I heard a voice in my head say, “Wake the Fuck Up! Sit up Straight, Pay Attention And Look Where You Want To Go!”.  If you don’t happen to ride a motorcycle you may not know…but it’s something you can’t really be lazy with.  It’s not like driving a car and zoning out or relaxing back in the seat.  Not at all.  It’s push, pull, lean, look, assessing each corner, your speed, your gear, the road condition, the oncoming traffic (especially around a left hand corner, you’d be shocked how many people cross the centre line).  It’s watching for rocks, wildlife, the person in front of you and the one behind you.  The only thing protecting you from disaster is your own skill and the clothes you’re wearing.  I’m not trying to be alarmist, not at all….but zoning out and not engaging in the process is a recipe for disaster. So anyway, once I sat up straight and took charge, things improved a lot. I still felt like shit and still just wanted to be at home…but I felt more in control and my riding performance definitely showed that.

Since I was all alone on my bike with nothing but my thoughts to keep me company I thought about how that relates to the rest of life.  Wake the Fuck Up, Sit Up Straight, Pay Attention and Look Where You Want To Go.  Engage with what you’re doing, give the right inputs so you get the right results.  Don’t just coast along, hoping.  Don’t look at the pavement right in front of you; at 100km/h (or the speed of life, whichever), what is 10 feet ahead is already happening and there is nothing you can do to change it.  Look AHEAD, as far up the road as you can, plan for what you can see, anticipate what you cannot.  There is no point in making panicky, last second alterations to your path because it’s ultimately a wasted effort. Better off, less energy and less potential for disaster if you can look way ahead, see what’s coming and have plenty of time to plan for it.  And so it goes in life, too, right?

Anyway….my bike-musings aside, after we got home on Saturday I was basically done.  DONE.  I went to bed at 8:30 after having a bbq hamburger patty, some broth and another Advil.  Slept until 9:30 on Sunday and called off a visit with my sister. As I texted to her, I loved the idea of having her come over and hang out but I really just wanted to be left alone.  Really, really alone.  Not ideal visiting situation.  Fortunately, she completely understood!  After a long coffee on Sunday morning we went out and picked up the new suspension for my bike to lower it and then came home and I did some cooking and otherwise sitting about while Ray worked on it.  Around 7:30 I was feeling a bit better so we went for a quick ride to ice cream and so I could test out the changes he’d made.  I love it!  The kit lowered it by almost 2 full inches which is fantastic and hopefully makes it a bit more manageable for me.  I’m no tiny woman but I’m not a 6’6” man either and having the bike lowered is only going to make it nicer for me.

This week the weather is supposed to be beautiful so my early am dog walk/jogs are still holding strong (another 4.5km this am) and in the evenings we’ll be tidying up the house and getting ready to spend a long weekend away…travelling on our bikes.  It’s just for three days but we’re very looking forward to it!


Halfway Mark

Halfway through and that much closer to coming home.  Actually, being here in Portland hasn’t been so bad this time, it’s amazing what having one’s own rental car/freedom can do to improve on a crappy situation!

After having eaten one breakfast and one dinner in the hotel restaurant, even though it was all “approved”, I felt really crappy and chalk it up to the sodium.  So after work yesterday I popped back over to safeway and bought some smoked salmon, crab meat and grilled chicken breasts along with some steamed beets, some fresh guacamole, some fresh strawberries and a couple Kombucha (how DO you pluralize Kombucha?!).  Dinner last night after the gym was the salmon, some guacamole, some coleslaw and a kombucha with an Almond Butter spoonful for dessert!  I woke up this morning feeling MUCH better than I had yesterday! I also burned up an hour in the gym yesterday after work, ran 2 miles and then did a shoulders, chest, triceps weights routine and it felt great! 

I also stopped at Target on the way back to the hotel yesterday and picked up a new suitcase (I’d accidentally pulled on a loose thread and unravelled the zipper on my suitcase!) and some new workout clothes, will definitly be going back before I leave for a couple more tops!

Tonight the girls here in the office asked if they could come to DSW Shoes with me as a group outing and then head for dinner afterwards.  I’m SO excited to go shoe shopping and one of the other girls follows a similar eating plan as I do so we should be able to find somewhere suitable for dinner!  I would not normally go shopping with other people, but it would have been really awkward to say no.  And…..if it fails horribly, I can always go back tomorrow after work!

So…..at the halfway mark now, gym tomorrow morning, a bit more shopping after work tomorrow and then gym Friday and a half day at the office and then the airport and home again.

It’s been not bad this time…..I do definitely miss Ray and Gracie (FaceTime has helped with easing that though!) but this has been so much better than my first experience……which is good because I’m pretty sure I’ll be coming back here more often than not.




More Like Real Life

Hi There,

I’m at my little corner desk in Portland taking a quick lunch break and thought I’d throw a little update out.  Obviously the flight went fine (I hate to fly) and I was able to pick up my rental car with little issue, get the GPS going and drove myself to the plant.  All in all, not a bad morning (minus the 3am wake up call!). 

I’ve been drinking water like crazy since, however hard I try, I think I’m likely to take in extra sodium no matter what just by virtue of having to eat in a restaurant, no matter how upscale and lovely.  Eats today have included a bowl of zucchini, peppers & broccoli scrambled with some grated cauli (so much nicer than riced cauli) and topped with a Thai Ginger Salmon Burger patty that I bought this weekend when visiting my sister.  That and a juicy navel orange were for breakfast at 3:30am with some coffee.  The same scramble came on the plane with me and just got eaten cold with an apple here at the office. Absolutely delicious…..a bit lacking in fat but that’s alright….I’ll break out the almond butter jar at the hotel later! 

So, I’m out of the gate on this trip on a good note, really making an effort to live as close to my real life as I can over the next week.  The things that are important to me (good, clean food & exercise as well as the tail end of My Restriction) didn’t become any less important when I got onto an airplane this morning and I need to remember that. 

NO ONE gains if I eat chocolates all secretly in the hotel room.  Sure, no one would notice….but I would know and my body would know and I would really be doing myself, my strength and my self-value a disservice. 

Since I’ve been awake since 3am (well, most of the night, really), I’m leaving this office at 3:30 today and heading out towards my hotel, stopping at Safeway for some fruits and veggies and then checking into the hotel.  Monday isn’t normally a gym day for me anyway so I’m going to take it easy….have good dinner at the hotel restaurant tonight (seared ahi with green salad) and then unpack and early for bed.  I’ll be up and ready to go at 4:30am tomorrow in the gym at the hotel for a good hour long workout.  The hotel restaurant doesn’t open until 6:30 anyway so I’ve got some time to do things right.

My plan, once I found out I had to come here again, was to make sure that I stay in the same physical and emotional shape that I’ve been getting into at home (if not better shape)….and so far, here on the first day, I’m on the right track….and I feel pretty proud of myself for that!

Free & Easy Down The Road I Go (?)

So….back to Portland on Monday.  It’s a good thing I’m writing this post today and not yesterday because I was SO upset about it.  I was (and still am, a bit) feeling sorry for myself and was/am highly annoyed that the reason that I have to disrupt my life is because some flake in our Portland office can’t get her shit together and she’s about 2 months behind in setting things up to incorporate my division into hers.  So instead of telling her to pull it together (or else!), I have to fly down there and spend a full week or two doing her job.  Away from home, dog, hubby and comfort.  DISLIKE!

Plus, the last time that I went down there I felt so awful when I got back, it wasn’t even funny.  The food down there is shit, there are no likeminded health conscious folks in that facility and being away from home is hard emotionally….so if you’re an emotional eater………………well, you can guess how it went.

This time though, I’ve at least got an idea of how it’s going to go so I’m going down there extra prepared.  The hotel that I stayed at last time has an amazing restaurant with gorgeous food that, with some minor tweaks, is fully approved for breakfast and dinner.   It’s a bit pricey, but you know what?  They’re sending me away and I have dietary restrictions so it’s the best I can do.  Lunch and snacks are going to be a little more difficult, but I’m revising my carry-on baggage and going to include a soft sided cooler that will contain almond butter, hard boiled eggs, approved pepperoni and cooked chicken.  Then, before checking into the hotel I’ll pop into a Safeway and get some fruits and veggies and hopefully an approved salad dressing. 

The other part of my hesitation of going to Portland is the fact that I’m finally back in a good place with going to the gym regularly and I’d really rather not have that all effed up.  Bright side though is that the gym in the hotel is not bad (not awesome, but not bad).  I’m preparing myself mentally for going to the little gym each morning to ensure that I set myself up in the right frame of mind before the chaos of the day ensues. And then, because I’ll have nothing to do in the evenings after work, I thought a walk/jog in the hotel neighborhood might be just what is needed!

In the first 14 days of My Restriction (which is what I’ve taken to calling my 30 days Clean up/Dry out) I’ve lost 10”.  Not sure about weight since I don’t weigh, but 4” around my midsection, an inch in each thigh and calf and an inch in each my hips and my rear.  That’s a decent result for some hard slogging to get back to where I should be…..and I don’t want to chuck it all away because my idiot company is sending me away for a week.  So…..I’m going to take absolute stellar care of myself for that week away, even better than I do normally, so that I can come back in a week or two and not be further behind than when I left.  

That’s about it for me right now. I was all thrown off yesterday when I found out I would be going back to Portland next week, especially when they asked me to come tomorrow and stay over the weekend…not!  I’m feeling a bit better and more balanced now and I have a plan to work with.  It irritates me that I already HAVE a plan but that I now need to spend more time and money making my existing plan work within a new, unstable environment…….but……..I guess that’s how it goes. 

Eating in the way that I do, prioritizing exercise in the way that I should, valuing my home life as I do makes travelling at all very difficult for me, travelling for work is next to pulling teeth!

A Good Long Weekend

First, I am still waiting for restitution from my bank.  It’s now been 4 days. 
Second, when I got home last night, Ray told me he might be getting suspended.
He dropped a load of these
on one of these
It was an accident, a bit of a ‘perfect storm’ of circumstances.  From all reports this morning, it is being chalked up as an accident, no suspension.  Phew!  Fortunately he’s a 38 year employee with an absolutely unblemished record.  That probably helps in the decision on whether or not to suspend him, if he was a dumbass with write ups all over his record it would probably not even be a question.  But he’s a a good guy who was trying to fix something that was unstable and the result was unfortunate.  Also unfortunate is that the guy whose truck it was came to my office door this morning to discuss the incident with our people…..and he was HUUUUUGE.  Easily 6’6 and 300 pounds.  Yikes!  He didn’t seem tooooo mad though.
In better news, tomorrow morning I’m going to go and rent one of these

2012 Toyota Canry

and with my mom and my sister, we’re going here

Osoyoos, British Columbia

We’re going to stay here

Safari Beach Resort

for two nights.  It’ll be our little home base while we tour around to a few of these
In the evening we’re planning on relaxing and drinking some of this
and I’m planning on eating a lot of this
Enjoy your weekend, I’m pretty excited about mine!