Happy Boxing Day

Hi! Since I just posted to my sisters blogI thought it was only fair to update mine also. It’s Boxing Day night and I’m sitting here on the sofa with my heart bursting with content. Its nothing in particular that’s doing it, it’s just everything….and nothing.

Christmas Eve night we went to Ray’s mom’s house for turkey dinner and then because she asked us to last year, we went to Midnight Mass with her and Ray’s auntie. Had I known that it was going to have us getting out of there at 1:30 in the morning, I may have politely declined. But it made her happy. And it was the first M Mass that either her or Ray had been to since Ray’s dad passed away 10 years ago. It was important to go and so we did.

We got home and were in jammies by 2am. Ray poured us each a healthy dose of Maple Whiskey and we got under the covers and chatted for awhile while we had our sips.

Christmas Day morning, Ray’s son came over for b’fast and when he left we got back into bed and had a nice, rare-together nap until it was time to go to my mom’s for dinner. I was going to go to the gym on C’mas Day and have a quick jog but Ray’s son asked me why I couldn’t just have one guilt free day and enjoy C’mas and all the food and drinks without worrying about burning it off….and he was right. What that meant is that I didn’t go to spinning this morning either in favor of staying home and putzing around with Ray all day long. Great, great day.

Anyway, at my mom’s over C’mas Day she had two puppies from the pet store where she volunteers. She ‘borrowed’ them for a couple days and we got to play with them. Well…..mostly me. teehee. Made me wish we had them….until they started barking. HATE that sound! Will leave you with a few pictures of the puppies.

Tomorrow we’re going to drop a whole whack of donations off At Value Village and then Ray has to nap for work tomorrow night. I might do anafternoon trail jog while he’s resting. I go to work on Wednesday & Thursday and then we’re off again for 4 days. Aaaaannndd…..Thursday after work is when I get my tattoo……which I’m completely scared about and excited at the same time.

Here’s the puppies. (and a shot of the beautiful gift that Ray’s daughter gave us for C’mas.)

Merry Christmas!