Weekend Wrap-up!

Holy, rude start to Monday! Let me back up though, before I explain what happened, and tell you about the weekend. Friday afternoon I set off to walk home on a bit of a different route. Instead of winding around the streets and cutting through neighborhoods, I decided to go straight up the gut of the mountain via the hydro easement. It was a straight ascent of 190m (475 feet). It was nice to be so far away from traffic and walking on organic matter….unfortunately the “organic matter” was still really mucky in places so that route will have to wait until later in the spring when we’ve had a drying trend for longer than one day.

475 feet, straight up!

475 feet, straight up!

Saturday morning my sister came over so my hubby could work on her car and then I took off for my hot stone massage. The massage was……alright. I really should respect my own self more because I don’t overly enjoy massage, never have…and 90 minutes is a LONG time! I was certainly glad that I went and the heat was fabulous and my masseuse was wonderful and I might consider going again…but not for 90 minutes. That just seemed epically long. Anyway, Saturday afterwards we didn’t do too much, went and bought a new fridge for downstairs (SO excited about that, it comes in 2 weeks and it’s white and clean and new and energy efficient!) and then came home and made the WellFed2 Salmon Cakes…..but with wild caught Sockeye Salmon that my sister brought me rather than the canned. We also made the WF2 Tartar sauce and LOVED it. Ray was watching me make it and was getting all fussy about the pickles that get chopped into it and the pickle juice that gets stirred in. Turns out he has never known what tartar sauce was made of and prefers to maintain the mystery of certain things, LOL!

Sunday morning I went for breakfast with the lovely Tara where we had delicious omelets and a good catch up visit. When I got home, we took Gracie for a walk in a new park (new to her) near our house, mostly to scope out and see if I can use that park as a shortcut when walking home. It’s all unmarked mountain bike trails and the consensus is that I will probably not attempt to go it alone. It’s fairly dense forest, not really the place for someone who has a retarded sense of direction….and I don’t really want to be in there lost and alone, so…….no shortcut through those woods for me!

That was about it for our weekend.

Soooooo……last night. Well….more like this morning. 4am. I wake up to something tickling my in the neck/chest. Put my hand up to scratch and discover some kind of bug! Which then proceeded to attack me, bite/sting me in the neck 3 times before I could get it off of me, whereby it fell onto the bed and bit/stung me twice more in the back of the arm! At first I couldn’t really figure out what the hell was going on, my earplugs were still in, my eye mask was still on and I had searing pain in my neck and my arm. All I could think was, “SPIDER”. I (none so gently) woke Ray up and told him I’d been bit by something and he said “Are you sure?” and “Go back to sleep.”. HA, ya, buddy, I’m SURE! I flipped on the light and discovered a BEE crawling around on the floor. I went to get a cup to trap it with and came back to find it crawling up the side of our frigging bed again! (I have goosebumps even typing this again!).


Can you see my three sting marks??



I’m not so sure that this isn’t a bee….it had a fluffy, non aerodynamic body, pollen all over its legs. But it stung me five times…..and still had its stinger in…..which I didn’t think bees could do?!

We tried to go back to sleep after capturing the intruder but I had the heebie-jeebies too bad…..so I was wide awake….but also had taken a Benadryl for the stings. I’m a bit of a zombie this morning and wish desperately to go home and sleep off the Benadryl. I am walking home after work this afternoon, hopefully the fresh air and exercise help me feel a bit more normal.

That’s it for me today. Weigh in, have you ever been woken up from a dead sleep by something super strange and out of the ordinary?