I do NOT want to go to the gym tonight. I would rather do anything else. I want to make up a believable excuse/reason why I can’t/shouldn’t go and then sit on the sofa all evening. I rue that exercise is part of my life and I’m annoyed that I expect it of me.

In order to not keep going on and on getting myself so worked up that I’m either completely depressed by the idea of the gym or completely infuriated when I go there (see, I said “when” not “if”), I’m trying to retrain my brain for today.

You see, I am going to 6:30pm spinning tonight. You know why? Because it is completely possible that tomorrow could be worse than today. I could be sick or upset or depressed or injured. I’m abiding by the ‘do now what you can because you never know what tomorrow brings’ philosophy. Today I don’t feel too bad, I have a bit of cramps and I’m a bit tired and a lot mentally stressed. But what if tomorrow I’m a lot tired and really in a bad place and just can’t pull it off….I’ll be frustrated that I didn’t go today.

You know why else I’m going to 6:30pm spinning tonight? Because I choose to practice continual improvement and in order to be a better or different person than you are at the moment, you have to do better and different things. I want to be fitter and slimmer and tougher and that means that instead of sitting on the sofa diddling my iPad, I have to go and do fitter, slimmer, tougher things.

And do you know the last reason that I’m going to 6:30pm spinning tonight? Because I believe that the two statements below are true:

Life is hard. All.The.Time.

I want to be fit.

If I want to be fit but life is always hard, then wouldn’t one assume that I’d better get my shit in gear regardless of how hard I think/feel that my life is right now? I think so. 6:30pm spinning. Yep.