Highs & Lows

Totally not loving life at the moment, I’m feeling horribly pukey, completely exhausted and this day is draaaaaagging along.  The upset stomach, I think, is a combo of, all approved but bad pairings of food this morning. I had almond cereal (almond meal, shredded coconut, flax seed, walnuts and almond milk mixed together and heated up a bit) coffee with coconut milk as usual and then a half a bottle of Kombucha which is not as usual.  I think I ended up with just too much stomach acid….that’s what it feels like, anyway.

I was going to recap the weekend….well….actually I did and it was the most boring post I’ve ever written so it got deleted.  The high & low points:

  • LOW point:  Came home on Friday night after having been out of the house for almost 14 hours….to find my dog had eaten a loaf of bread off the counter and peed on the carpet
  • LOW point:  Husband is still sick and the coughing is driving me batty!  I feel terrible for him, he’s so miserable, but JEEEEzus, the coughing!!!!!!
  • HIGH point: Went jean shopping and scored two pairs of stylish (that is a fact worth mentioning!) fitted jeans.  Whiskers and stitching, oh my!
  • HIGH point: Got some good cuddles in over the weekend, sick hubby from above has been feeling very snuggly.  Goes to bed clutching on to me like a child onto a teddy bear.  Which is so sweet and wonderful feeling…..until he coughs into my ear for about an hour. 😉
  • LOW point:  Had dinner at The Ex Wife’s House for Kyle’s bday.  Always wildly uncomfortable and requires a huge amount of energy from me to flip the anxiety switch off and turn the sunshine switch on.  Made doubly worse this time by Ex Wife’s new boyfriend….who was staring unabashedly at me every time I looked over.  Not sure what his deal was but it was rather off-putting. 
  • LOW point:  Grace is writing a book called How Not To Make Friends 101…and demonstrated some of her tips at Ex Wife’s House.  Growl & aggress against resident dogs, pee on back deck and throw up on front room carpet.  Grrrreat.
  • LOW point:  Have been up all night long with my sick man, not sure exactly what the problem is aside from the ongoing and never ending cough.  No sleep, hours of coughing and wheezing…and all I can do is fluff his pillow and rub his back.  Doesn’t do anything at all for the actual issue, not even really sure if it soothes him.  But, I can’t sleep if he is in distress so laid awake with him all night.  He’s not at work today (obv) and going to go back to the doctor.  I am at work today and wish I could crawl under my desk for a wee nap.
  • HIGH point:  The weekend was not a failure for diet or exercise….even though Ex Wife served lasagna and scalloped potatoes for dinner last night.  Believe it or not I was actually able to make that work without eating a single noodle or tater and not looking like a complete lunatic.

On the menu this week for dinners is fajitas in fresh lettuce wraps w/ homemade fajita seasoning and homemade guacamole, rib eye steak topped with balsamic mushrooms & onions, served with mashed turnips and greenery, walnut chicken served with mashed cauli and greenery & a huge wild coho filet that will be served with yamiflower and whatever other veggies are left over at the end of the week!  (Read that dinner menu and tell me you would miss the grain?!  NOT!)

UPDATE:  as I was going to publish this we got confirmation that Ray really is quite ill and not just trying to drive me crazy!  Now that he actually has a diagnosis though, he’ll get some medication and we can all move forward over the next couple of days.  For me, I’m looking forward to going home and walking my dog in the not-raining-right-now and then putting my jammie pants on and having a cup of tea while dinner cooks.




I’ve been robbed.  Seriously.  My bank account has been compromised and cleaned out and now all my cards are frozen and my money is overseas somewhere in the hands of bandits.  It’s insanely upsetting and I mostly feel like I’m going to puke at any moment and I haven’t slept except for a couple of minutes of fitful tossing and turning (probably quite unappreciated by my bed partner!).  After I discovered this last night and had called the bank and got everything cancelled and found out what the next steps were, Ray asked if I wanted to go to Dairy Queen.  I said no, that I would just be emotionally eating my feelings.  And he said?  “That’s the point!”.  It’s OK to make yourself feel better after something bad, even when it takes a gooey raspberry chocolate sundae to do it!

The gooier the better when trying to make yourself feel better!

Since there is nothing that I can do about anything just yet, I’ll move on to the things that I was going to post about today anyway. 
I’ve been complaining for a few months now that the amount of green tea that I drink has been staining my teeth.  It’s gotten to the point where I was getting rather self conscious about it.  On a walk up to the drug store the other night I popped into the toothpaste aisle to grab a whitening toothpaste.  I ended up with Crest 3D Advanced Whitening which removes stains and has a feature that actually resists new stains.  I’ve used it twice and I am already very, very impressed.  The green tea stains (that my normal Sensodyne whitening toothpaste have done nothing for!) are almost completely gone.  With continued use I suspect I’ll have my gleaming white smile back in no time!  Highly recommend!  (Crest hasn’t asked me or paid me to promote their product)

Fancy toothpaste that actually does what it says. And it wasn't too pricey, $5.99!

Last night before the banking catastrophe we also managed to find the new parts for my wagon wheels so I can go full steam ahead on that as soon as I’m not so stressed out that it’s difficult to breathe!  Anyway, once my wagon is done it’s going to be parked in the front yard in front of my garden….right in the curve. 

There is a lot of room for planting this year....I'm kind of excited...and slightly overwhelmed! 🙂


I think I’m all out.  I’m heading out to the bank in about an hour to get the investigation started and get a new card (for my empty bank account) and hopefully by the time I get there they’ll have access to the report that shows where this all took place so that they can instantly give me my money back!  I’m not that confident that this will happen, just hopeful. 
Tonight I’m making baked turkey meatballs with a whole bunch of garlic roasted mushrooms and some green beans for dinner.  And maybe a walk to relieve some stress.  As much of a lame excuse as it sounds right now, I cannot even think about the gym tomorrow morning.  I’m in full self-sanity preservation mode at the moment.