Holy Smokin’ Workload!

Seriously, my normally somewhat sedate (read: boring) job has picked up the pace dramatically in the last couple weeks.  It’s good, the day goes whipping by and I feel productive and like I am actually accomplishing something every day. I think that this is the way it’ll be for the foreseeable future so my posting to this blog and the Whole30 forum may be reduced for awhile.

In case you wonder what it is that I do all day, I manage 12 high voltage electrical technologists and engineers and our service schedule.  So basically…I’m a scheduler.  Of people and resources.  And right now I have a project going on next week that requires all of our 12 techs and 42 contractors.  Fun times!  It’s basically like glorified babysitting.

As an example, I sent this email below.  I could not have been more clear.  I put “READ THOROUGHLY” in the subject line.  I named the attachments that they needed to read, I highlit the important part and RED BOLDED it.  So imagine my surprise when I get a phone call this morning from one of the guys saying “I didn’t know I had to bring ID, now they won’t give me a pass!”. Or another call from a different one saying “You didn’t tell me I had to turn in my expired pass, now they won’t give me a new pass.”.  My response, “If you would have read the attachments and my email, you would have understood your responsibilities.“.  LOL.  Now imagine trying to wrangle 54 of the frigging buggers!  LOL.

Port Pass

We took our Harley’s out on Sunday afternoon for a quick hour long ride. The weather was not the best but it held just long enough to get a little cruise in.  So nice! Might even be nice enough to ride to work tomorrow!  It’s pouring rain right now.


My second batch of sauerkraut is coming along beautifully but sadly, my first trial of Apple Cider Vinegar ended when I found it had moulded.  So…going to give that one another shot.  I think where I had it might’ve been a bit too warm for it.

Tonight we’re having meatloaf (which I forgot about in the oven so it’s probably more like meatloaf jerky) and green beans with mashed cauliflower.  Nothing too exciting but it won’t require much prep on my part so I’m happy with it.  I was actually considering dredging and then “breading” pieces of the meatloaf in almond flour and frying it to see if maybe that would create some moisture?  We’ll see.


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