Half Way To The Weekend!

Having just had 4 days off, I thought this week would seem epically long, but it’s actually going by pretty well!

I took this video of Gracie the other day for Ray on our afternoon walk.  She’s SO flippin’ cute!  She has so much…er….cleavage, that it waddles back and forth when she lumbers along.

Anyway, it’s been beautiful here for a couple of days and I’ve been enjoying it after work taking the dog for walks and weeding the garden.  Too bad I can’t teach the dog to weed the garden while I’m at work!

On our walk yesterday I was about halfway and my brain was still racing and I wasn’t paying attention to what was around me or where I was, I was just trying to “get it done” so I could move onto the next thing.  I stopped around halfway to wait for Gracie to catch up and it was like someone poked me and said “Look where you are, slow down, calm down, breathe!”.


I’m very lucky to have such a gorgeous place just outside my front door.  Very lucky!

Gracie decided to stop and enjoy the view also!

Gracie decided to stop and enjoy the view also!

There’s not too much going on to write about.  Food’s been pretty good, exercise has been alright.  I need to work on getting back on a sleep schedule and actually getting up when I wake up.  I woke up fully alert this morning at 5:30 and then went back to sleep until 6:20 only to be jarred awake by my alarm and spending the next hour trying to clear the fog in my head. Something about starting a new sleep cycle instead of just getting up when the last one ends.


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