FriYay, #4

Wow, FriYay #4?? Time flies!

I’m popping out at lunch time today to run to Costco (which is about 5 minutes from here) because all I need from there this week is veggies and they will fit in a cooler in my car with a couple ice packs.  Saves me having to negotiate all the after-work shoppers!  🙂

This weekend we’re babysitting Remy, we’re pretty happy to see him, he’s been vacationing in Arizona for the last 10 days.

Remy Sun

That’s pretty much going to be the bulk of our weekend, especially since it’s supposed to pour with rain.  😦

Here’s the menu for next week with approximate prep time.

Breakfast: chicken thighs, diced & sauteed veggies, topped w/ egg
: tomato soup w/ mini chicken meatballs and GF toast
Sunday: roast beef, green beans & mashed potatoes
Monday: spaghetti sauce w/ ground turkey, noodles for Ray, broc/spin combo for me
Tuesday: mahi mahi, coleslaw, green beans
Wednesday: cinnamon beef stew
Thursday: CNO
Friday: CNO

PREP (total prep, 45 minutes, not including making Saturday’s soup & meatballs)
bake chicken thighs (5 min prep)
chop onions, green beans, peppers (10 minutes prep)
make mayo (5 minutes)
make cinnamon stew (20 minutes prep)


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