Weekend Recap

So much to talk about this morning!  Like watching some idiot tear up the side of a lady’s mini van and then try to leave without making amends.  Like taking delivery of Ray’s new Harley and then watching it pour with rain all weekend.  Like taking Gracie for a walk yesterday and having her take a spill and hurt her foot and then milk the injury just enough that she got premium snuggle spots and the best treats in town.

Friday I was home alone so I made scrambled eggs with steamed broccoli again.  It was so delicious but was a big ol’ reminder that too much broccoli, cabbage & cauliflower isn’t ideal.

Saturday morning we were up bright and early to go and spend time at the dealership getting Ray’s bike all worked out.  Quick breakfast before we left and then to celebrate the new bike we went out for lunch at the pub.

Quick Breakfast

To be honest, the pub lunch and the bike was the highlight of Saturday.  Around mid day I decided I was bored of staring at the new bike while it poured with rain outside so I went and took a nap.  Normally Ray wakes me up after an hour but he was all distracted with his new toy and I slept for TWO HOURS.  Woospie!  After naptime I threw a 7# pork shoulder into my slow cooker for Sunday dinner.  It cooked low and slow for 18 hours and holy mama, it’s SO GOOD!

Sunday morning as per normal we went out for breakfast. I always get the same thing and it’s delicious.  A mushroom omelette with no cheese and pan fries with no seasoning.  I actually ate this meal on Whole30 every Sunday as well, after asking many questions of the staff.  LOVE having something that I know is clean and that I love.  And the staff basically have my order memorized at this point, so…………..  🙂

After breakfast I put on two pots of chili (chocolate chili from well fed), one for this week and one for the freezer and then went out to the Gourmet Warehouse where I met my sister for a short shop.  They have amazing quality spices for such a reasonable price, it’s a bit of a drive for me to get out there but it’s so worth it.

Dinner on Sunday evening was the pulled pork with a homemade coleslaw and some steamed green beans.  Easy peasy and delicious!

Pulled Pork Dinner

And like many Sunday evenings, it was bottling night.  I did 5 bottles of kombucha, flavoured with just some regular Welsch’s grape juice.  Cheap and comes out almost exactly like GT Dave’s Grape flavour.

5 bottles that will sit out for 2 more days and then go in the fridge.

5 bottles that will sit out for 2 more days and then go in the fridge.

Ray took some pictures of the “recharging” process after I’d finished bottling, thought I’d share them with you.

Filling Vessel

My fermenting vessel holds 26 cups of liquid.  Once I bottle 5 jars, I have 8 cups of liquid leftover that will be my “starter fluid” for the next batch. I brewed 10 cups of tea, sweetened with 1.5 cups of white sugar (10 black tea bags) and then when that was all nice and strong and cooled, I added 8 more cups of clear water.  And then in it goes!

Replacing Scoby

Then, once the new tea is in the vessel, it’s time to replace the scoby into the jar.  My scoby is about an inch thick and several layers, next time I’ll peel a few layers off so it doesn’t get too thick and take up too much room.  It’s also heavier than it looks and kind of slippery/rubbery, so having it a little thinner is nicer to manhandle.

Floating Scoby

You can sort of see from the picture that the scoby wants to try and sink down but with a little gentle help it can be convinced to float.  I’ve never had it sink after placement.

Scoby Closeup

And here’s a close up of the scoby floating happily on top of the liquid. (click to enlarge)  Each layer represents a different batch.  Depending on how long I leave the batch to ferment determines how thick the new layer will become.

And just for fun, I thought you could have a tiny tour around this part of my kitchen!


FOOD (Weekend)
FM1: omelette w/ roasted green beans
FM2: hamburger, cauli rice, a few olives
FM3: steamed broccoli & 3 eggs, scrambled

SaM1: 2 crispy eggs, japanese sweet potato, almond green beans
SaM2: egg hamburger w/ no bun, handful of french fries, GF beer (totally worth it!)
SaM3: halibut fillet, roasted bnut squash, asparagus

SuM1: 3 egg omelette w/ mushrooms, pan fries w/ no seasoning
SuS1: small scoop chocolate chili
SuM3: pulled pork, steamed green beans, coleslaw

EXERCISE (Weekend)
Fr: none
Sa: none
Su: walk, cut short because Gracie took a spill.  I wanted to do Mile-Row-Mile but I woke up on Sunday morning with my “bad” shoulder bothering me so figured I’d best just forget it.


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