Humpday, Complete

Over the middle of another week, good stuff!  As mentioned, I had Gracie at work with me yesterday.  She’s such a joy to have here, so nice to be able to give a nice furry kiss and hug and snuggle as needed and then go back to work! I took her for a 3km walk at lunchtime….kind of a shitty industrial area that I work in so nothing like the trails that we normally roam around on. But it was nice and got us both some fresh air and exercise. She’s at home sleeping off her work hangover today, the boss is back in town and the technical crew will be returning home sometime today so too risky to bring her in.  😦

When I got home yesterday after work my plan was to make dinner, eat and clean up and then do my Costco/Thrifty’s shop.  I wanted to get it done on Wednesday instead of my regular Thursday because Wednesday was an exercise rest day and because today is monsoon rainy and I hate doing groceries in the rain.  Turns out it was a perfect time to shop, 6:30 – 7:30….no one there!  🙂

It almost didn’t happen though, about 5 minutes after I got home I was struck with some serious intestinal distress…for about an hour.  I was pretty sure I gave myself food poisoning but Ray told me that food poisoning would feel flu-like and include barfing.  Regardless, I threw out the rest of the salmon that I’d eaten at lunch, the only thing I could conceive would have affected me so aggressively.  (the salmon was bought last Thursday, cooked last Saturday and I ate the leftovers on Wednesday….so 7 days old was probably a bit too long for it)

The dinner menu wasn’t planned out so well last week, we’d had pork burgers on Monday and guess what was on the menu for Wednesday? Hamburgers!  Good thing we like a good burg!


Along with our burgers I roasted some Klondike Rose potatoes again and another tray of brocoli & green beans.  I find it slightly irritating that I can make two giant sheets of veggies and it only takes us through dinner and lunch the next day. I have a teeny bit left in the fridge for someone for tonight but MAN, the amount of vegetables we go through! (we eat potatoes on the regular but they do not push the non-starchy veggies off our plates)

Both pans roasted at 445F for about 20 minutes.

Both pans roasted at 445F for about 20 minutes.

If you can believe it, this is me eating less.  Still a huge dinner and before 2 weeks ago would have been even bigger.  Silly woman.

If you can believe it, this is me eating less. Still a huge dinner and before 2 weeks ago would have been even bigger. Silly woman.

FOOD (Wednesday, March 18)
M1: omelette w/ mushy cauli & onions
M2: salmon & bit of butternut over cauli rice
M3: as above, hamburger, roasted veggies, bit of ketchup (non W30) and bit of mayo

EXERCISE (Wednesday, March 18)
basically none….25 minute walk w/ Gracie at lunch

And here’s next week’s menu and prep, if you’re interested

Saturday: halibut fillets, butternut squash & asparagus
Sunday: pulled pork, coleslaw & roast broccoli & green beans
Monday: roasted chicken, mashed potato, roasted broccoli
Tuesday: rib steaks, sweet potato, salad w/ strawberries & almonds
Wednesday: mahi mahi tuna w/ coleslaw & almond green beans
Thursday: chocolate chilli
Breakfast: pulled pork omelette w/ roasted veggies alongside

PREP (total of about an hour…spread out over the whole wknd)
chop & roast breakfast veggies – 15 minutes + cooking time
chocolate chilli (making double to freeze one) – 20 minutes + cooking
pulling pork – 30 minutes including clean-up

That’s it for me, Workout B after work tonight and packaging meat and taking down the bone broth that I made for Ray.  Remember how he said he was getting sick and needed some? Ya, he’s not sick and hasn’t touched a drop of it.  Gr.


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