FriYay, #2!

Another week successfully in the books!!  To celebrate, I put mascara on today.

I just got this text from the hubby.



My vodka drinking days are long behind me but it made me laugh.  I actually said earlier this week that I wanted to open a nice bottle of wine, light a fire and have movie night snuggled up on the sofa on Saturday night.  Except… I really want the wine? Because I feel pretty good right now; energetic and clear headed and on the right track.  We’ll see how it goes, I guess. The last few times I’ve opened a bottle of wine I’ve been really put off and would prefer tea or a kombucha and the bottle has gone to waste.  Which is shameful.

I’ve taken up a new fermenting trial.  Carrotkraut!


I really hope it turns out well, it’s ridiculously easy and cheap and an excellent source of probiotics! Plus I LOVE sauerkraut but I dislike the price immensely (discussing actual refrigerated lacto-fermented raw sauerkraut, not the crap you get in a shelf stable jar). I had a really delicious “dill pickle” one last summer and I would love to try making that; cabbage, cucumber, dill. I should know how this turns out by this time next week, hopefully.  Fingers crossed!

beef provencal stew topped with 1/2 small avocado for dinner.  Sorry, no picture, I couldn’t make a bowl full of brown look like anything other than….well…..anyway.  It was delicious though, orangey and fragrant and the beef is SO tender!

Breakfast this morning was the weekly omelette with a side of cauli rice from the other day.

Friday Bfast

none, unfortunately.  Grocery night.

One more thing worth nothing is that I have thrown out leftovers this week.  Three chicken thighs that aged out of the system, a side of cauli mash and three leftover grilled baby octopuses. And depending on what I decide on for dinner tonight & breakfast tomorrow, there could be at least one more casualty. I never, never throw out food.  But…..this whole portion experiment that I’ve been doing means that I am eating less than I normally do. It’s good, great even, I’m finding my sweet spot.  But I would say that I was eating the equivalent of another half to full meal every day and now I’m not.  Need to take that into account so we’re not wasting food! (also a reasonable explanation why my gear is snug when I’ve been very true to Whole30 foods…..just too much!)

Tonight after work I have to stay home and wait for Tony to come and get Captain Jack for repair so instead of dog walking I’ll be rowing and squatting and step-upping and overhead pressing.  Maybe even deadlifting!  I also only have about an hour of food prep for this weekend so I think I might get it all done tonight so that I have no chores on Saturday and Sunday.

Tomorrow is supposed to be pretty soggy so we’ll go to a Harley meeting and do a run to the recycling and maybe dump. Sunday we’re going to look at a new Harley for Ray, it’s probably a pipe dream but it doesn’t hurt to look.  His bike has 90,000km on it and it’s starting to show a little wear at the seams so it might be time.

Isn’t she pretty?!

HD   HD2

Happy Weekend!



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