It was pouring with rain yesterday and I was freezing and did NOT want to do anything besides make some tea and sit on the sofa.  Much less take the dog on a walk.  When I got home though and saw how excited she was and raring to go and she’d been sitting patiently waiting all day for me to get home….I just couldn’t break her heart.  And so………out into the rain we went.  3.5km in 37 minutes.

This is our exact walk (and outfit) yesterday....we were just a bit wetter.

This is our exact walk (and outfit) yesterday….we were just a bit wetter.

Gracie LOVES to linger behind and do her own thing. Sometimes I feel bad for her because I walk pretty fast and she is always miles behind me. But when I wait for her and then walk slower, she just walks even SLOOOOWER so that she’s way behind again. I guess she likes her independence and alone time?  haha

I’ve been battling a headache for the last couple of days and for no apparent reason.  Now that my hormones are in balance, unless I’m sick, I don’t get headaches.  It makes me wonder how the hell I lived with splitting headaches 15 out of 30 days.  Anyway, since I’m not sick, I thought maybe my reduction in carbs might be throwing me a low carb headache so I added a small bit of sweet potato to my breakfast this morning and that seems to have helped better than any advil. I’m not purposely trying to “low carb” but rather have been trying to find my sweet spot for volume and content.  Obviously my content needs to include the starches.

cauliflower rice (containing sunflower seeds, mixed smashed up nuts, pepitas, currants, craisins, onion, cumin, cinnamon), chicken thighs, brocolini and a bit of a cashew ginger sauce that I made which turned out awesome two weeks ago but was kind of yucky last night.  Turns out the coconut milk I used to thin it with had gone off.



I love the texture of lots of nuts and seeds in my cauli rice.  It is one of my favourite things to eat and least favourite things to make.  I hate ricing cauliflower.  Fortunately it makes lots so we have it for a few meals.

Breakfast this morning was the omelette of the week, back bacon & greens stuffed in an omelette.


By the looks of this picture, it’s time to run that cutting board through the dishwasher or give it a bleachy bath!

As mentioned, 3.5 kilometer walk with Gracie.  37 minutes of hoofing.

Tonight is grocery night. I’m not sure if anyone out there liked seeing the menu & prep planning last week? I’ll post it in brief again.

Saturday: hamburgers, coleslaw & garlic roasted baby potatoes
Sunday: roasted pork loin, roasted rainbow carrots, green beans
Monday: sesame crusted mahi mahi, cauli rice, brocolini
Tuesday: pork burgers, sauteed red cabbage & green beans with sesame seeds & oil
Wednesday: salmon l’afrique du nord (Well Fed) butternut squash, brocolini
Thursday: Chef’s Night Off
Friday: Chef’s Night Off
Breakfast: omelette stuffed with back bacon & chicken thighs, mushrooms, onions, peppers; leftover cauli rice

PREP (total of a little over an hour)
rice cauliflower (20 minutes)
make pork burger batter (10 minutes)
shred cabbage (10 minutes)
peel & cube butternut squash (15 minutes)
sautee omelette mixture (20 minutes)



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