Grey & Brown

So no pictures of dinner last night.  We had jerk meatloaf (brown) topped with mushrooms & onions sautéed in balsamic vinegar (brown), roasted Japanese sweet potato (beige) and coleslaw (beige).  It was truly too depressing to take a picture of.  It tasted good though!

And this morning is grey.  Foggy, chilly, dull.  Such a difference from yesterday afternoon’s glorious sunshine.  Gracie and I took advantage of the lovely day and hit the trail for a 3.5km walk and then enjoyed a gluten free beer in the driveway with the hubby and his son.

I was seriously considering ordering an Instant Pot pressure cooker online yesterday afternoon.  They are pricey ($150) but it would do bone broth in 3 hours instead of 3 days.  It does pork shoulder in 1-2 hours, roast in an hour, a whole chicken in 20 minutes.  Could be an enormous time saver.  Unfortunately I won’t be saving any time right now, Captain Jack has some undiagnosed issue with the front suspension that, being a Harley, isn’t going to be a cheap fix.  So….great.  No pressure cooker….but I might be IN a pressure cooker pretty quick.  Blergh.

I had a dream last night that I had to move away and start a new life with no one I knew.  Somehow in the dream I was made to agree that I would pack up everything I owned and move 5 hours away.  And once I got there, even though I thought I could come home on weekends, the family and friends that I had in my old home were no longer accessible to me for some reason.  Everyone and everything familiar, gone.  I dreamt that I was crying, “I’m so sad!” and trying to make someone understand what had happened.  Then I woke up and realized that the crying noises I thought I was making in my dream were actually Gracie standing at the foot of the bed crying because she wanted to get in with us.

Anyway, that’s it.  Brown dinner, grey day, bad dream, broken bike.


4 thoughts on “Grey & Brown

  1. I told you we bought the same Harley you have, I think?
    Electra Glide 2011 Black (2011 HARLEY-DAV FLHTK ELECTRA 2) 1687 cc

  2. I’ve been curious about pressure cookers lately. Would definitely be a handy thing to have for someone who does a lot of cooking.

    And boooo to the broken bike! That’s a bummer. Here’s hoping it’s reasonable to repair.

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