Sunny Weekend!

I can happily confirm that I do not have seasonal allergies this year. Maybe a sniffle….but no horror show like I normally have!  Yippee!  I say this with confidence because we went riding yesterday into the valley and normally a spring ride in the valley leaves me completely wrecked with allergies for DAYS.  My shiny black Harley was covered in a film of pollen but no reaction from me!  Thanks, Whole30!

We had Remy on Friday right after work until Saturday at about 3pm.  He’s such a little sweetheart, so much fun….but man, you lose huge hunks of the day doing nothing but playing with him!

6am play time!!  Happy to chill with his toys while we drank coffee.

6am play time!! Happy to chill with his toys while we drank coffee.

Starting to think about crawling?  Pushups will help!

Starting to think about crawling? Pushups will help!

Laughing at Pepere.

Laughing at Pepere.

Remy4 Remy5

Helping Shanny do some cooking.  My spice system entertained him for quite awhile!

Helping Shanny do some cooking. My spice system entertained him for quite awhile!

FOOD (Note, I am not currently on an official Whole30)

As always, terrible at remembering to take pics.  Here are a couple.

Half of a spinach & ham omelette topped with Frank's Red Hot. (If you are on strict W30, sub the ham for some other meat).  Roasted, refried Brussels sprouts on the side.  Coffee w/ 2 tbsp coconut milk.

This morning’s breakfast!

The omelette above was shared between Ray & I. 5 eggs stuffed with about a quarter cup of diced back bacon (not W30 compliant due to the small amount of sugar) and about 1.5 cups power greens diced teensy. If you are on Whole30, this breakfast is just as easy to do with cooked chicken or leftover steak instead of the ham.  Topped with Frank’s Red Hot.
Coleslaw w/ homemade dressing, roasted bsprouts & sesame crusted mahi mahi.  This dinner was SO easy!

Last night’s quick dinner

Costco sells frozen pre-portioned Mahi Mahi Tuna for a reasonable price (about $2 per serving). I thawed it, dried it off, rubbed it with a teeny bit of sesame oil and pressed it into some toasted sesame seeds, sprinkled with salt and then pan fried it for about 4-5 minutes per side. Coleslaw w/ homemade dressing (WFed Mayo + ACV + dry mustard + garlic + S/P), diced apple, sliced almonds & a few craisins (not W30 due to small amount of sugar).  Roasted sage Brussels sprouts on the side and a mug of mango-ginger kombucha

Grilled octopus w/ rosemary lemon "dressing".  This was supposed to be dinner but I didn't realize I was supposed to marinate it for 2-4 hours so we had the fish instead and I grilled the octopus at around 8pm last night. They were.....meh.....alright.  Kind of tasteless.  Will try them cold today!

Grilled octopus w/ rosemary lemon “dressing”. 

Kind of messed up the octopus.  When I got ready to make it I realized it needed to marinate for 2-4 hours….and it was already 5:30pm so I subbed in the mahi above.  Since the octopus were already defrosted they had to get made so I marinated them and then grilled them at about 8pm last night.  They’re……alright.  They don’t taste like much and they are a bit rubbery, but it’s nice to have something different from time to time.  I’ll try them cold and sliced up later today. The marinade was olive oil, lemon juice, thyme, garlic, S&P and the dressing was olive oil, lemon zest & juice and fresh rosemary.

We just had the time change and lost an hour.  I can’t say I’ve really noticed it on my energy, I feel fine.  We’ll see after today at work, it’s going to be a busy day for me.  The nice thing is that it’s light now until about 7:30pm so there’s no need to race home to get a walk in before dusk!

That’s it for me today, Happy Monday!


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