Ach, I wasn’t sure if I would make it this week!  Fortunately it has been lovely weather so that’s made it a lot nicer.

We have a full weekend coming up.  Tonight Remy is coming for a sleepover (we’re the grandparents who have the grandbaby for sleepovers on the regular, I love it!) and is staying until mid day on Saturday.  While Ray is playing with him (or he’s having his nap) I’ll do my precooking.  Saturday evening we have a fundraiser for our dog rescue.  It’s a burger and beer thing in a pub so I’m not planning to eat the food or drink the beer that my ticket comes with, but I might have a glass of wine.  We probably won’t stay long, social gatherings are not my favourite thing at all (At All), but I’m told it’s nice to get out.  😉

Sunday the weather is supposed to be super-warm so we’re going to put insurance on the motorcycles and go for breakfast and then a ride.  SO looking forward to that!

Just got interrupted by a phone call…damn work…..and the guy on the call was sneezing and stuffy and sounded awful and said “Sorry, allergies, they are HORRIBLE this year!”.  So that answers my question about my own allergy situation.  I was pretty sure I don’t have seasonal allergies this year but I wasn’t sure if they’d really started yet.  I mean……I see the pink blossoms on all the trees and the flowers and greenery is starting and my car is coated in yellow dust……………….ok……………….so ya, the allergies have started.  And I’m not having any!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  First time in 16 years! THANKS WHOLE30!!!!


Breakfast this morning, same as all week, chicken, onions, green beans.  Instead of sauteing thinly sliced potatoes I just put a side of japanese sweet potato.  Two eggs + Frank’s.  Coffee with coconut milk.

Dinner last night was………kind of crappy.  Groceries took forever and I was having cramps and generally feeling stomped on.  Salad topped with strawberries, quail eggs, half a can of salmon, chunk of japanese sweet potato, half an avocado and a dressing quickly buzzed together (whole grain dijon, olive oil, balsamic, salt).  I had it with a jar of Thai Coconut Soup from Happy Planet (which has pieces of baby corn in it and therefore would not be Whole30 approved…..but I pick the chunks of baby corn out and call it good because I am not on an official W30 at the moment).

SaladWe have a tonne of leftovers from this week so I’ll try to be diligent about taking pictures this weekend.  😉

Have a good one!!!!!!!



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