Baby Octopi & Baby Eggs


We hit up Superstore last night to pick up a few things and in strolling through the store I found baby octopus!  They were frozen and looks like there are 8-12 of them in the package.  For $3.99, if you can believe it!  I’m pretty excited to try them out and will probably use this recipe from Mark’s Daily Apple for it.

I also found quail eggs at the same store, 24 of them for $4.  I tested one out this morning alongside my regular breakfast eggs and found the taste of them a lot like chicken eggs. Just…more.  Richer, more flavourful.  More of what I love about eggs.  There is a larger yolk to white ratio so that could be why? They are a PAIN to crack though.  I’m going to try soft boiling them tonight and see how that goes.

Last night’s dinner was down the hatch before I remembered I’m supposed to be taking a picture of it. Woopsie!  It’s a good, flavourful EASY one too.  (Crap, forgot to snap breakfast too, I’ll get it tomorrow!)

2 tbsp fat of choice
1 sweet onion
2# ground meat (pork or pork beef combo is good)
4-5 tsp cinnamon
2 tbsp cumin
handful raisins
2 cups coconut milk

Heat fat in large, deep frying pan.  Dice a sweet onion and fry with some salt until it’s soft and starting to brown a bit. Add ground meat.  Cook until nearly done.  Move the meat over, add a bit more fat to the pan and put in the spices and some additional salt and pepper.  “Bloom” the spices for 30 seconds or so and then mix in with the meat.  Add coconut milk, a huge handful of raisins (Sunmaid has compliant raisins in Canada) and cook until it starts getting sort of sticky/thick.  About 15 minutes or so should do it. I served it with some steamed brocolini and a chunk of Japanese sweet potato.  It’s a nice meat dish, warm, sweet-savoury and easy!

Breakfast this morning (and all week) was:
serves 2
2 smallish klondike rose potatoes, thinly sliced
1/2 sweet onion, thinly sliced
1-2 cups green beans, diced
3 cooked chicken thighs, sliced
4 eggs

2 smallish Klondike rose potatoes thin sliced, 1/2 sweet onion thin sliced, around 1-2 cups diced up green beans and 3 cooked chicken thighs, sliced.  Fry it all together with seasoning of choice (for me, smoked paprika, ginger, garlic, S&P) until the potatoes are cooked.  Top with two eggs.  The potato chicken green bean mixture is split between two of us so we end up with roughly 1.5 chicken thighs, 2 eggs, 1 cup gr beans, 1 small potato and some onion.

That’s it folks. It’s a beautiful sunny day here today which will make the after-work walk so nice again!  Have a great day!


2 thoughts on “Baby Octopi & Baby Eggs

  1. Nice to see you back on your blog Shannon! Any bit of inspiration helps a person daily.
    I’m on day 3 of my 3rd or 4th W30,
    Tried the off-roading it, nah, I need more structure.
    Well again, nice to be reading you & am looking forward to pics!

    • Hey Fran! Nice to hear from you! I don’t off-road very well either…although I have found that as time goes on, how far off the road I go in between is getting far less. My definition of “too much sugar” now is a mere fraction of what it used to be. So that’s nice!

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