Back…for a bit. We’ll see.

I’ve arrived back here at my blog.  I’m not completely sold on whether or not this’ll last.  We’ll see.  🙂

It’s been awhile.  A long while.  I still feel a little funny about posting but then I cast myself into the position of being someone who does enjoy reading blogs and if my bloggers that I read daily upped and went away, I would be sad.  I like reading about people’s lives and their ups and downs and every day life stuff. I like reading about what Whole30 meal they ate or what recipe they created.  I like reading about people’s babies and dogs and cats and exercise.  I like knowing how they are doing.  Because sometimes it’s just really damn hard to connect.  Sometimes we have to settle for just knowing how our people are, even when we can’t get together with them for whatever reason.

So, since I am some people’s person, I have come back.  Nothing’s changed, nothing’s amazing or horrible or exciting or boring. Ray and I are both going to work and coming home and walking the dog and doing weekly pre-cooking and making Whole30 meals and watching PVR’d TV and washing our bikes (when the weather is nice).  We’re still looking around at the mountain of chores that never seems to end and….being overwhelmed by them and not doing them. 😉

I’m a moderator on the Whole30 forum now and spend a reasonable amount of time helping people make their Whole30 as successful as possible.  We troubleshoot, encourage, answer questions, recommend and high five all day long!  If you’re doing a Whole30 and want some support or have any questions, pop over and see us!

Part of the reason that I wanted to come back on my blog and post was to have somewhere to put Whole30 meals in pictoral representation so that new people can get ideas or learn how to balance their meals.  There are enough blogs out there of people creating recipes, less so of regular people (knowledgeable about the program) who are posting their meals.  I’m terrible at remembering to take a picture of the food but I’ll give it a shot.

As far as my own Whole30 journey, I finished another one on February 6th.  I’ve had one rocky road bar, 2 glasses of wine and 2 gluten free beers since then.  Not so bad for someone who used to eat All The Junk Food & Alcohol!  I’ve actually noticed significant changes between myself now and myself from my first Whole30 7 months ago.

  • I don’t crave sugar or snacks.  I chalk this up to reasonable starchy veggie intake in the week before and the week of my period. (note to people….I will eat ALL the japanese sweet potatoes during my period.  Like a beast. Once my period is over I couldn’t choke one down if you paid me.  The body knows!)
  • I have no more menstrual migraines.  NONE.  After 7 years of having doozies every month, I have none.  Got my period this morning and not so much as a twinge.  Normally I would have had one from 4 days before until 2 or 3 days into it.
  • I have no more cramps, erratic bleeding or mid month spotting.  Hormonal balance for the win!!!!!!
  • I have no seasonal allergies.  (I’m still holding my breath on this one, it’s still early….but normally I’d be all drugged up by now)

So those are my biggies.  Right now I’m working on portion size and meal balancing.  I have a couple really awesome trips coming up in the summer and I’m not happy that my summer clothes and riding gear from last year is snug. That’s entirely my fault and now I’m setting out to fix it.  Smartly. 😉

So….I’m back.  With food & exercise recaps and general random life stuff.  Pictures of my dog-baby and my grand-baby and my Harley-baby.  🙂




7 thoughts on “Back…for a bit. We’ll see.

  1. Glad to see you in my in box again. Do share! People are listening & you are my only blog that I follow….and share. Interesting about bone broth becoming so popular & i learned about it from you. 👍 Lynn J

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